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Fast & efficient reply. Easy fix. Thanks!

- Margaret Rozek

:-) :-)

- Silvia

In this face paced world, a simple step of making the download available twice so that I wouldnt take more minutes from my life searching and searching. That is customer value.

- Bobbi

Wow. Superfast (and helpful) response - and on a Sunday! Rebekah, you more than exceeded my expectations. ‼️💯%

- Austin

Quick efficient and brilliant and it worked

- Emma ward

you are awesome. Thank you for you assistance

- Jeff Pipitone

From thinking I was about to lose the tiny credit I had on my growthzone account due to retirement, Rebekah has not only retrieved May's credits for me, but also rounded up my small balance so I have THREE credits to spend. Thanks Rebekah!!

- Gwen Glover

Hiya, thank you for the speed and ease you gave to my questions. All dealt with already. Thanks again.

- Mandy

Thanks for the speed and ease of changing my details. Mandy

- Mandy Paley

I have had many unanswerered questions and you have a broadened my understanding.

- Dennis Gard

Yes indeed, a ‘Wow’ is appropriate for Rebekah Hall’s fast and informative response, to my email, particularly as I know she is in a time zone that is 9 hours behind mine and she should be sleeping.

- Heléna Kurçab

Rebekah went above and beyond in her support! She merged my two accounts and updated my current account to reflect all purchases. Her email explained what she'd done and how to access my purchases moving forward. Amazingly, she also noticed that I had just purchased a product I'd already purchased in 2014 [!] and thus refunded the recent purchase price. That was such a lovely surprise and incredibly thoughtful, thorough, and appreciated. Thank you.

- Bethany Auriel-Hagan

Thank you so much for the super fast response! I appreciate you getting back to me and offering to help! Your company is so easy to work with.

- Pamela Miller

Deeply grateful for the outstanding customer service from Rebekah that went above and beyond my expectations!

- M

Kristin solved the problem promptly and efficiently. I always enjoy getting emails from you to Rebekah, both of you are very polite, professional, and friendly. It's been a joy to be a Growth Zone member for over 10 years now.

- Terri Harper

I've been a Growth ZOne member since 2013. Customer service at Hypnosis Downloads has always been outstanding. Rebekah addressed the snag with downloading promptly and efficiently. It's wonderful to always speak to the same couple of people whenever I contact the company. Rebekah is always upbeat, eager to help, professional, and friendly too! I love this company!

- Terri

Rebekah, you're a gem, and you provided a perfect solution to my concern. As far as customer service goes, it's apparently as good as advertised, and "I'll be back!" Recommended!

- Lance Coleman

I was looking for something that may be too specific

- Joseph Napolitan

Paul was so helpful and kind, he didn't make me feel foolish for asking questions. He made sure to investigate my question before replying! That's great service for you 😊

- Gerard

Excellent and prompt reply with well considered suggestions to help me with my query. Really happy with Paul and his customer care, thanks!

- Michael Daniels

Thank you so much for your help, you are wonderful!

- Laura Eliason

Thanks for the special attention on my unique request.

- Nancy Cooperrider

I appreciate the pleasant, professional and prompt service received when needed! Thank you so much!

- Barbara Gini

Thank you for your help I will try what you suggest it was very helpful to know that these things are very common. Hopefully that will make these programmes work even better. And thank you for such a fast response. Ted shorten

- Ted shorten

Thank you so much! I have a lot of your recordings, but I didn't know if I missed something important. Your response was incredibly FAST and yes I had missed a couple of useful therapy tapes, which I will now buy! Best Wishes!

- Allen Hosey

Thank you. The additional advice of changing emails is extra helpful. I will change it to my Gmail account.

- Evonne McDowell

Kirsten went above and beyond my request by opening up all 17 sessions for me to be able to access in the natural depression treatment program. She also responded well within the promised 24-hour turnaround time and her reply was very kind in regards to what I shared about the significance of my current depression.

- Joanne

Your help was perfect, exactly what l needed. I'm not good with tech and was able to follow your directions. Thankyou.

- Sandy Gillett

Your answer was very helpful, I am satisfy.

- William

Thanks so much Rebekah, I really appreciate your prompt and professional support.

- Vivien Adams

Thanks a million, you are always immediately responding, as if we were neighbors - and I am living in the south western part of Africa. Thanks for the friendly and prompt service. Kind regards

- Gerhard Meyer

Dear Rebekah You may wonder why it has taken so long for me to reply to your very helpful and explanatory email? First of all, I did sort out my credit card problem. Unfortunately due to a MS Windows 10 update my desktop pc's internet connectivity was knocked out; not for the first time. It also removed my Norton 360 Prime Antivirus and my Firefox browser. It took me some time to deal with these problems. My ISP (Movistar in Spain) then decided to go down (a rare event) for nearly three days returning this Monday. So you will see, I hope, that a series of entirely unforeseen circumstances intervened to prevent my responding to you sooner. Regards, Alan Phelan PS: I'll have to wait for the reopening of the next Conversational Reframing Course.

- Alan Phelan

Whatever I have asked, Rebekah has the answer and responds very quickly. As a person with limited computer savvy, I very much appreciate it. You have chosen well in her@!

- Luciene Poole

Quick response and able to open the pdf. :D

- Esse

The speed of reply and the 100% clarity of your answer was brilliant. I am a senior Principle at a school for a living and was called out of class because my P.A (my daughter) thought it was a very important message I was waiting for. It wasn't the message I was waiting for BUT it was just as important. AND your reply was quicker than the one I was waiting on. Well Done

- Stephen Matthews

I am completely satisfied by the rapid, friendly and professional response to my request. And, I’m very happy with the two options I was offered.

- Janice Ingram

Thank you so much for the quick response and generous help!

- Jill McEachern

I missed the opportunity to grab the free book, New Ways of Seeing that was offered as a Christmas gift to subscribers. After another miss when Rebekah sent me the link to the book again, I sent another email. This time just to thank her for her help. Wow doesn't cover the extent to which Rebekah has gone to get a gifted book to me that my timing was at fault for missing. She attached the book to the email!! Rebekah, you ROCK! Thank you!!

- Judy S

Professional, intelligent, personalized, caring, focused, detailed response with "next step" optional ideas/suggestions from an expert in the field. Pays attention to your question. Provides the information you want and need. Very helpful.

- Meryl D. Itzkowitz Esq.

Getting a positive response is always good. But I was particularly WOWed by your swift response and emailing me before you left work for the weekend, and informing me you'll be on the case first think Monday when you return to work.

- Tony Cook

Rebekah was prompt in responding and resolving my issue/request. She also provided additional resources for my reference. I will always be a customer because of this kind of outstanding service level. I appreciate Rebekah for her service and for Uncommon Knowledge for offering helpful products.

- Wing Chek

As always you are right onto it. It is a pleasure to do business with you.

- Garry

Rebekah was very prompt in her response to me, even on a weekend! She also was helpful enough to find and merge an old account with previous purchases. Thank you for your great customer service !

- Anne Loughlin

Such a quick reply!! And so professional and polite! Rebekah and the team at Hypnosis Downloads are a real pleasure to deal with.

- liz

Very well

- Kaylass

Thanks Kristin,You solved my issue and what solution you provided helped.Keep up the good work.

- Shaheda

Because everything your team does is WOW! Never had a problem yet.

- Sharon Dunn

Excellent, quick response and nice email.

- Jack

Thank you for helping me so quickly - much appreciated.

- Yvonne

Wonderful response time and great customer service! I realize that it truly was my mistake for not reading the item description correctly before I ordered the confidence for hypnotherapists download instead of the one I truly wanted which was the Confidence Booster Hypnosis download! YOU TRULY Wowed me with your great customer service and helping out a new Customer Paul! God Bless and Thanks again, Scott

- Scott Whenrey

Rebekah thank you for your patience and understanding of my plight. Sometimes I think I'm all over technology and then when I hit a glitch its lovely to have someone step you through the process patiently as you did me. Thank you .

- Roz

Very fast response and no hassle about refunding credit. Thank you very much.

- Wendy Oswald

Rebekahs understanding and empathy were refreshing. My daughter has read your reply and is heartened by your reports.

- Noel

Efficient, rapid, very professional work & attitude. Thank you.

- chantal saucier

You did great God Bless You

- cyndi Jensen

Very kind response and very helpful. So quick as well... Even responded on a weekend within a very short time. Great service! Very impressed. Thank you!! You may share my comment and name but please do not share my email address.

- Valerie

I need a Kirsten in my business!

- ray

Response was timely, appropriate and very helpful. Many thanks.

- Charles Kress

Hi Kirsten, Fantastic, now I can download all the 10 stop smoking scripts. The first 3 gave me writers cramp! now sit back and watch the printer getting the job done. Well done. Steven Thomson. DCH,DHP,GQHP,GHR.

- Steven Thomson. South of France.

Thank you, Rebekah! Your detailed answer WOW-ed me! And, also, the fact that you were very prompt.

- Alina

just a great attitude and great service

- Fran Fleming

Rebecca my dear, you have more than met my expectations with your company. Thanks for the information, that you have tried the self hypnosis course yourself, that's all the recommendation I need. I am taking the free course from Mark and I just completed day two, looking forward to day three. I have no idea of your company policy but after I download the course is it possible to speak directly to you about your experience. Thanks again, Bill

- Bill Thomas

It took more time for me to tell you why I was not satisfied than it did for Rebekah to respond, let me know my account was being credited, and to offer some suggestions. One of the most positive customer service experiences in recent memory.

- Larry McDonald

Whenever I mailed I get response on behalf of team

- shahida kamish

Please let Rebekah know that everytime I have contacted Uncommon Knowledge with a small problem or large I have been given respect and kindness and knowledge. This is fundamental to great customer service. Letting the customer know that you will do your utmost to remedy the issue and actually seem to care is Huge I love this company and more importantly the people they employ are the reason. Cheers from Canada

- Rebecca King

Prompt, polite, and friendly.

- beverly bratton

Thank u so much Rebecca for replying me . You are all so nice guys , thank you all so much

- Maurine

It was a wow because your email was clear, straightforward, comprehensive and your instructions worked! Very unhappy yesterday, very happy now. Thanks a lot.

- Geoff Thompson

response was fast and information was correct. you let me know the man is out of town and will contact me Tues. Now I know what to expect rather than being left in the dark. thank you

- Beverly Mason

Quick and easy for me. That's support. Thanks

- Jo-Ann Chambers-Groenewegen

Quick response friendly and good communication skills.

- barb dillon doyle

Fast, kind service, convenient, just amazing!

- Megan McLaughlin

Quick and curteous response with helpful links Much appreciated

- john Haggerty

Paul: thank you so very much

- Steve A. Kozma

Luckily, no-one is perfect. You are a good candidate though...

- Janos Solyom

You are fast, clear message and there seems to be a smile between the words. Thanks

- Linda

The offer to replace the monthly Script Spot, that was already purchased with a credit, was a welcome surprise. thank you so much

- Michelle Bernier-wilson

just getting the credits for an all ready purchased script spot without any hassle or justification, so easy and accommodating

- Michelle Bernier-wilson

very warm and professional at the same time, I also appreciate the information about an other downloads that may help me better thanks

- MA

Well at least you took the out to rectify that email an I am an honest man and appreciate anyone else the same, THANKS SO VERY MUCH!! A lot more people in this world should be the same maybe we wouldn’t have all THESE TERRIBLE MISUNDERSTANDINGS !!

- Charles Fagone

You were so helpful & pleasant. Thanks a million.

- Rosemary

Wow, you got back to me FAST! Yes, I was also happy with your answers.

- William Kerwin

Hi-- Thanks. I find customer support at Uncommon Knowledge to be excellent, with Mark or Roger responding quite rapidly. Currently I am building a site (and clientele) that compares self-esteem and self-confidence digital programs, and will rate yours highly.

- Don

I received a detailed response ,which made it easy to go through with my downloads ,thank you

- pamela rietveld

Quick and effective responses! Thank you so much.

- Larry Snyder

Great and timely follow up to my original reply. A+

- Conor Daly

What WOW-ed me was you guys replied... on Sunday! In under 24 hours. First Rebekah, and then Mark Tyrell himself! So THANK YOU for your reply and further references and all the work you put to create The Depression Learning Path.

- Arthur Lehrer

Response was quick, and more importantly answered my questions with several choices. Nice

- Steve Miller

Big help thanks

- David Martin

t,hank you for information ,and returning my email. am buying script to try out on a difficult client.

- pamela

Quick response did it for me! Thank u!

- Althea Quartlebaum

Hi, Rebekah responded very quickly and was thorough in the help she gave me. Putting her own personal experience in helped me a lot. I will keep practising.

- Jeannie

Thanks, you fixed the problem and I appreciate the pleasant and speedy response:)

- Cathryn Lajeunesse

Once again, a quick response that was positive and helpful. Thanks, Paul Baron

- Paul Baron

just the work which you chose for your life itself is a great thing.

- Anupam

Fantastic, quick, informative feed back thank you

- paula masters

Kirstin is great! She is so knowledgeable courteous and polite! She always answers every query I have, and she makes us feel as though we are important and part of a team.

- Kristin Ellingham

thanks Rebekah, your reply was fast and generous; supplied exactly what I requested. best wishes to you! Rosie Hirst

- Rosie Hirst

Prompt response, question answered.

- Jan Waetford

Rebekah, thanks for your quick response to my query. You kindly straightened out my mistake and couldn't have been more helpful.

- Helen Ryle

Truly: Uncommonly caring assistance. Thank you.

- Jason

Thank you for the rapid response. I will make sure the extra copy of New Ways of Seeing finds a worthy home. I was beginning to think my memory needs a reframe.

- Diane Brach

Hi Kirstin, This was a WOW experience for me, because you replied so quickly to me and you obviously took notice of what I said in my email to you, as you referred to details I mentioned. As with everyone else these days I am very used to dealing with computerised answers to problems and it was a very pleasant surprise to deal with a real person. Also, I am very concerned about my son at the moment and it helps to know that you will be providing assistance to him which may assist him. Thank you very much. Christine

- Christine McNab

Thank you. I was able to access it on another server so perhaps it is the rural service I was first trying to access it on.

- Laurie

Fast and competent. A very rare thing. Thank you!

- Anne M Campbell

I have only just found this site and I am so glad I did. The two videos I have watched on low self esteem make so much sense to me. Thank you


Great job done by Mark keep it up.

- hamza

wonderful kind woman! Yes you Wowed me!! Very fast and helpful ( as always)

- Debbie van Dijk

cheery, empathetic, warm smile, who could ask for anything more? :)

- leora

Immediate, polite, clear, intimate and definite answer to my request. You really care for your clients! Thank you!!!

- Maria Mavropoulou

Good advice. Thank you

- Ian Pritchard

Amazingly fast response. Thank you very much.

- Trevor Griffiths

No comment as all is well Kindest regards

- Chris Douglas

Thanks, Kirstin - I appreciate how you handled my request, went the 'extra mile' and added a creative solution to make it happen so efficiently!

- dan selene

Thank you for your fast response.

- Tony Nikulin

Quick efficient, a real family feeling. The warmth comes through

- Jenni nelson

Fast and easy! Thanks!!

- Laura desesa

Thank you Rebekah. Response was fast and positive.

- Fran Fleming

My problem was sorted out very quickly

- kevin

Thanks for such a helpful and comprehensive reply. What a relief that I can access all my previous purchases again so easily.

- Jenny Waddington

Really quick feedback..that something that i like..and helpful

- Jens

Lovely service as always Ty

- Vicki

Kristen has provided prompt efficient friendly service from across the world. Your company should be proud to have her on board.

- Patricia Corbett

Thank you for complying with me request for an additional credit.

- Michelle Bernier-Wilson

Glad to know there is someone on the other end when you are so far away. Thanks for the quick response ..

- Diane Martin

Thank you for being so thorough. This is exactly what I wanted. Every imaginable question was answered in your response

- Carolyn Frye

Thank you!

- Deborah Gardner

Your reply to my query was very prompt, very friendly and of course, helpful.

- Helga Collier

The answer was detailed and very clear!

- Alex

The response was very fast and the way they responded was very polite, caring and welcoming. Just loved it!

- Preeti

The response was very fast and quite effective too, as immediate steps were taken to address the problem.

- Preeti

Perfect customer service. So fast, What a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again

- Rhonda

Customer service on a Sunday night... Wow... Thank you so much

- Rhonda

The prompt reply was appreciated informing me my query would be answered shortly.

- Ruth Aylott

You are awesome.

- Deb

Quick, effective and MORE than I was hoping for.

- Werner Bonthuys

Very helpful and exactly the info that I needed. Very well explained and easy to follow. Thank you.

- Jo-Ann Chambers-Groenewegen

Very quick response!

- Steve Ortgiesen

I am wowed by the very speedy response!

- Hayley

The extensive transcript was far more than I expected. Thanks

- Richard Tuttle

It was quick and the right information I needed.

- Michael

I was wowed again the service by the service I received. I had inadvertently purchased the same download twice. I sent a message to the help line and it was immediately taken care of with no hassles and no questions asked.

- Joe Alesia

Thank you, I was a little skeptic that clearing my browser history would help my situation, I was not aware the browsing history could cause a problem like that, But It did! Goes to show you there is always something new two learn, Thank you again!

- Leonard Molner

Thanks so much for awesome and extremely prompt service. I love Uncommon U and Hypnosis Downloads... all of you are brilliant!!

- Gaye Morgan

Friendly, efficient service. Thank you.

- Gary Cosier

Kirstin is the ultimate professional ! Always Cheerful and bright always ready to help,. she is a font of knowledge and has always been able to answer my question or query in full. Thank you Kirstin

- Kristin Ellingham

She solved my problem as soon as she learned about that!

- Lokenath Sen

The response was very quick. Kristin did acknowledge the issue and I feel she actually cares about it. She did help in a very comprehensive way. (sorry for bad English)

- Luis Goribar

Always promt reply, courteous and answers my queries

- Kristin Ellingham

You are quick in your service.

- Liew Shuh Onn

CD is very helpful. Fulfills their promises. I am very pleased I made the purchase and will refer others to this helpful site.

- mh

I think uncommon knowledge is wonderful. I feel that every member of the team has my welfare at heart.

- Christine Tomblin

Excellent, clear answer.

- Bryan Knight

Quick response, cheerful attitude and immediate help

- Natasha

Your company actually does what it promises. Thank you.

- George

Excellent response plus initiative shown. Completely reassured me.

- Bryan Knight

The service was really fast and really effective

- Eric

Thank you for the speedy response!

- Dr.MJSSr.

Thank you for helping me!

- Tanya

I didn't expect my support ticket to get sorted out until after Christmas Holidays but it got sorted out in a matter of a few hours before Christmas. Thank you so much!

- Cliff Calderwood

Quck respone and did the job. No quibble.

- Lesley Rosslyn

Able to access the script download sight. Thanks.

- Chris Case

Quick response

- Sridhar Mangu

It made it a wow experience because I was surprised to get a personal response. Plus, the suggestions made were right on point!

- Pattee

I was pleased with the quick response and always courteous service.

- Stella Kallicharan

I appreciate the fast and easy correction to my mistake. Thank you.

- Catherine Hahn

I am very grateful for your quick answer!!!

- laura

The links were very helpful. Thank you.

- Juliah

I have nothing but positive things to say about Kirstin and the rest of the Unk team. She is incredibly friendly, personable, and wants to help in whatever way she can. I think you are one of the best organizations I have ever had the privilege to be in contact with/involved with in some capacity, no matter how minor or peripheral.

- Heather Johnson

Thank you so much! You rock! I think they are all there. I believe there may be one missing -- the business package -- and I will forward the email receipt to you. [I'm so glad they're in my purchase history in case I lose them again I can go back and get them. I really love Stop Caring What Others Think and Feel Attractive Now. I use them when I need them and they always work!] You can use what's in the brackets.

- Anna

Every experience with you and your Customer Service Department is WOW!! You never fail to resolve my issues and always have so much patience. Thank you. Your excellent service has kept me as a regular customer, great customer service is the reason I joined Growth Zone and has allowed me the comfort to confidently recommend your company to my friends and family.

- Sharon Dunn

Your response was timely and to the point. It feels good to know I can make mistakes and you have my back!

- Michael Freytag

Kirstin is always so helpful with prompt, clear answers & friendly delivery. A definite asset as a front contact to the company.

- Anni Casey

Paul not only answered my question, he made sure I received a proper discount based on my order that I was not aware of. Great customer service!!!!! Paul is a superstar, for sure!

- Eric A. Reynolds

Very impressed thanks so much,please keep those emails coming..and will possibly be looking into ordering soon thx again. Shauna

- Shauna Jans

Remarkably speedy response - thanks, Alaina!

- Amira Mahboub

Your response was can not be compared to a smiley face. I would say your response was more like a bouquet of Roses and a box of Delicate Chocolates. I felt as if I was receiving the VIP attention of an old client even though it was the first time I contacted you.

- Anthony

I kept wondering what would force you to care after I posted my email. Wow you honestly sound like you do. Thank u paul. U deserve more than a wow.

- kholofelo

Hi, Paule and Rebekah I think that your ability to understand roots problem and to solve them creatively is great. Please, think and imagine customers situations at any time. Thank you. Raphael

- Raphael

Prompt and positive response within a day! Felt good to see that individual mails are read and replied appropriately, even not ignoring a simple acknowledgement too, knowing fully well that this website is the busiest one.

- Sureshkumar

Thank you for your kind response, Paul. I bought the 10 Steps to Self Esteem Course using the link you gave. I really appreciate you helping me with this. I am happy for you to share my comment as long as you don't share my email address. All the best, Rosemary

- Rosemary

EXCELLENT!! Prompt reply. Maybe it's because you're all from England & more sensitive to manners!! Speaking of England & great things from England: One of my friends is in LA & saw Boy George last night & I guess he put on a GREAT show!!

- Lisa Tedesco

Thanks!!! Appreciate you willingness and flexibility to fix my purchase error.

- Gwen Kerr

Thank-you for the super swift help Rebekah. Your reply was so helpful friendly and lovely :) I enjoyed the cheery response!

- Rachael

I sent you an email about how happy I am. Thank you for truly listening to me and resolving this issue. Nice work. I like that I can see your image. I imagined you differently.

- Barb Shosten

The personal level of caring and involvement you exercised to address my inquiry before you kindly and promptly replied. The information you provided me with was indeed a help for me. I intend to pursue your suggestions. You have my gratitude and many thanks for helping me try to help my young grandson. His loving grandmother, Gail Parent

- Gail Parent

The team was very patient with my iPad situation, and guided me until I finally got my downloads. Thank you.

- Victor Karidakes

The response was prompt, friendly, personalized......and accurate. I could not have asked for more. This was my first experience with Uncommon Knowledge and it was excellent. Thank you for your part in that.....AND the script was excellent. I will be back. George

- George Allmaras

Hi Rebekah Thanks so much for your quick and positive response. Could I please have - Self acceptance - as my replacement download.. Best wishes Di

- Di

Fantastic Uncommon customer service!

- Michael

Thanks very much for recovering my lost account details. And for the quick response to my query. I have downloaded all my items from the link you provided. Many thanks.

- shaun

Great! Fabulous customer care. Appreciate the quick response.

- Diane Lockyer

Great service with prompt replies. All working fine now, thanks!

- Janet Greenwood

Hi Rebekah, Thank you so much for your download search and replacement. It worked correctly this time!!! I actually didn't think of it being under another e-mail. I tried that (a really old e-mail address of mine) after you mentioned it to me, but it didn't even log me in, so I'm sure the only e-mail I've ever used is the one that you have on file. Your reply and service was very fast, and the issue was effectively resolved. Most of all, I appreciate your friendliness, and making little ole me feel like a valued customer. Take Good Care Michael

- Michael

very quick and helpful response - especially your offer to help me with burning the course to CD's if I need it. Thanks!!

- Linda Mazak

Very fast reply . Helpful re structuring of my purchase

- Val Taylor

Response was beyond what I'd expected. Rebekah's support in following up a clinical request to mark was very helpful. Info on REWIND seems just what I need to keep myself growing professionally. Thanks for an excellent service and support – blows the others out of the water – I tell my clinical support group that they can be sure they’ll get the best and most appropriate support from you guys.

- Michael Corr

Quick response, and concern that I had made a mistake in ordering. I had just changed my mind, and may order the other later. Thanks.

- Judith Adshead

hitting the control button did it for the Peaceful downloads on my the mouse....tx


You guys really are great. This is why I keep coming back to you. Not only are your products great but you treat me well. Thanks for the access. Regards

- Luke Einerson

Rebekah provided me with a WOW experience. She took a tangled mess of orders and untangled them, rearranged all of my information for me to access on your members zone, told me step by step what the changes were, and even offered to replace product that i had mistakenly duplicated. She did all of that in less than 24 hours ! I am in awe of her thoroughness and timeliness. Her email was the first one i opened this morning. I opened it and get to MOVE ON with an item on my to do list. It's been hours and i'm still delighted ! I look forward to using this experience as a Winning example in the next staff meeting in my center ! ) I know that this kind of experience typically comes from a dynamic TEAM, so... THANK YOU Rebekah and All, Sincerely, M. E. You may share my post with my initials but NOT my full name and NOT my email. Thank you.

- Mary Ellen

Thank you for your prompt reply to my refund request. I actually said, Wow! when I saw you email in my inbox within less than 24 hours. Your email not only confirmed my request but kindly offered assistance choosing another hypnosis pack. Thank you.

- Vicki J Wilkerson

Just a nice, clear, no-nonsense response! Very much appreciated!

- Steve Ortgiesen, RN, CRNA, CHt

You responded quickly with an answer to my query - Honoured the offer (even though I had missed the deadline) and made it easy for me to take up - you then responded with a refund as promised almost immediately and didn't leave me waiting :) Thankyou

- Denise Ward

The fact that you troubled to respond to such an unusual enquiry is appreciated. The ability of overseas aid workers to confront unusual situations (shooting, hijacking, kidnapping, severe acute stress, etc) is not what we usually encounter in UK and any sources or ways to add to my own in assisting them is always useful. Your response to me certainly fits the bill Thanks again for your input, Rebecca.

- John Campbell

Just a nice and unexpected notification!

- Steve Ortgiesen

Thanks for a quick and courteous response!

- Steve Ortgiesen

I am amazed at the response! Not only did you respond quickly, but you offered excellent information for me. I am truly impressed! I thought it was about 1AM in the morning for you when you responded. Totally above anything expected. If only the rest of the world could be as earnest in relations.

- Rhonda Wagnon

Excellent and friendly service.

- Lori Conway

Hi Kristin, I have so appreciated the experience of working with you and your support team (in my case, Rebekah). You, Rebekah, and the clear priorities of your company to provide support with such genuine care and effectiveness, have left a big impression. It's an example of how to do it that I've taken to heart, And is as much a reason that I would renew my membership when possible as are the great products. Thank you! and all the best, Jordan

- Jordan Hunter

Very fast response to my query with easy to follow instructions and your website is very simple to negotiate. Wonderful. Hope the program works half as well!

- Peter Nelson

Thank you for replying speedily. I really appreciated the caring nature of the reply and that my request for assistance will be passed on to Mark.

- Sandra E. Naden-Horley

thank you for sorting the problem out ....the ebook downloaded without any problems .

- Andi Willis

Miss Rebekah truly did WOW me with her prompt, friendly, and informative response to my question! Such a lovely reply that is also so comprehensive, (and from a real person!), is so rare these days, and to say the least, I was genuinely WOWED! Thank you, dear Rebekah! ;D

- Kimberley M Lang

Rebekah followed through with many suggestions and was a great help to me. Thanks so much. Lois Lettini

- Lois Lettini

Such a quick response. May your day be filled with sunshine.

- Rae Milton

Very fast service in resolving my problem and great service which seems to be rare these days. Was a pleasure to deal with

- Adrian

I requested assistance in choosing an appropriate download for a particular situation and received an answer within hours. As a result, I purchased the download immediately which has been a great help.

- Sharon Dunn

Thanks for your promt response. I revived 2 DVDs but no worker book. If you could send me that , problem solved. Thanks

- Dean Lynch

KIrstin is so quick to respond, and always really helpful - a real asset to the company!

- Lynda Roberts

Thank you, after I wrote to you I found that yes you do run courses and I expected a reply such as "here, look more closely at our website" but you actually listed them all for me in your reply with the prices, thank you!!!

- Jane Hodges

Fast response - putting me in touch with the right person. Clear follow up to additional questions to help alleviate any concerns I had about possible impact on my computer if installing additional chrome plugin to help me down load video content. This was done with example from your own experience, which means my concern melted away. It all works now by the way. Thank you and the team.

- Maria Richards

Always a pleasure to communicate with you, friendly, hellpful and on the ball with the answers.

- Anni Casey

I was delighted to receive such a prompt, friendly response to my question about an ordering issue. Thank you for you assistance in resolving the problem. Excellent customer service :)

- Alison M. Howie-Day, Ph.D.

thank you Rebekah. i am grateful for your information i am sure it will help me. i wonder could self hypnosis help me raise my self esteem?

- zviad

Her response was friendly and personable and much appreciated!

- Melissa Brentlinger

Love the fact that I always get a response and that you do everything to solve my queries or problems. Great work. I like seeing the face of my contact. Look forward to more interaction as I find the whole experience with UK very professional. Well Done Estelle x

- Estelle

its always awesome when a company gets back to you in a matter of hours on a weekend whil also solving your problem and providing extra info to help you out. Thanks!

- Jason

Rebekah Hall responded to my email inquiry within twenty-four hours. This was very impressive considering we live on two different continents in different time zones. Rebekah took immediate action regarding my request and demonstrated warmth and care in her customer response. Rebekah and place high value on excellence in customer service and it most certainly shows. Many thanks!

- Bret Dealey

Brilliant. This is what customer service is supposed to be all about, it's nice to see it being done so right and in such a timely manner.

- Conor Daly

prompt and reasurring!

- jane sidwick

Dear Rebekah-You did great! Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.

- Dina Fischbein

explanation for my questions and further info n links

- Shannon

It's been a while since a customer care person seems to have actually read the email that I sent and a long while since they've dealt with all the details, so it's much appreciated to have someone so comprehensively cover my question. Nice one.

- F.O'rourke

I like the courteous prompt replies - always so helpful and obliging,I'm not in the habit of asking for help - must be a man thing,but I know when I ask for your help,it soon arrives - thankyou very much.

- David Sharples

Fast Response...Great customer service

- Lee

Kirsten, I really appreciated your fast response, and your help in enabling me to download one of the sessions with ease. Thank you very much!

- Kelly

Thank you for quick response. Very rare in today's world

- Wallace

Superior customer service. Fast, friendly, responsive and always customer centred. It doesn'the get any better than this.

- Michael B

Very prompt and clear feedback. Good service.

- Liz

Superquick & friendly reply, much appreciated :)

- Anke Szillat

Thank you Rebekah. I am very happy about how quickly you responded to my inquiry. You wowed me by refunding my yesterday payment.

- Amelie

Thank you Rebekah for having time to respond to my Email inspite of your heavy workload. I will explore the links you have given me and I hope that at the end I will become a more confident person. Thank you in deed.

- Peter Macharia

Thank you very much for the ultra fast response to my e-mail message. I really appreciate your caring and interest in helping me with my little problem. It shows me that you folks are willing to do everything possible within your power to take care of the customer. That is really appreciated.. Thanks again, Bill Ollinger

- William (Bill) Ollinger

Kristin was great! Her response to questions and request I made were answered right away. She made me feel she cared that I was able to get the information I needed with a big smile. WOW to the service she has given.

- Josefina SyCip

Rebekah's customer service is second to none. Super helpful and attentive. She went the extra mile to assist me in providing downloadable product links as I wanted to be able to use them immediately instead of waiting for shipping when I purchased the CD's. She also replied extremely fast during this busy time of year. Thank you! P.S. - The products are excellent!

- Tallion

Rebakah, Thanks for your help. Logged in successfully and was able to change my password. You have been a big help!!

- Denny Rupple

Thank you so much for a positive experience in retrieving my log in information and getting my downloads back : ) I really appreciate the kind and personal communication .. it made me feel like you and the company really do care about their customers. Cheers! Andrea

- Andrea

Prompt, helpful and relevant response, thank you

- Amanda

Kirstin responded quickly to my initial request, and when I needed further help she sorted it out super fast. She was friendly, helpful and you just know that when Kirstin gets hold of something it will be done well :)

- Kim Plummer

Thank you! Your quick response is very much appreciated. I am wowed because you not only responded quickly but you anticipated my need to have my password reset. You made it very easy for me to reconnect. Thanks again, Ellen

- ellen mackin

Hahahahaha am very happy to receive some tips on how improve or to build my self confidence,to me am feeling good to see anybody endleling my concerning so every one to me is the special one your very important.......

- stella

As always just like you programmes great. Just wish I had the funds to buy more of them

- Isabella Raubach

Rebekah, thanks you were prompt and looked further than just the obvious. This is not the first time I have dealt with you and I have always been advised in a prompt and efficient way. As usual, I thank you. Kind regards, Noel

- Noel

Always such a pleasure to deal with : ) so genuine and so helpful!

- Denise Gallagher

Hi Rebekah. I would to thank you so much for replying so quickly and in such detail. I will forward this to my partner as this subject on non dreaming comes up not infrequently when with friends over dinner etc. You have confirmed and increased my understanding of the subject. I can relate to excessive dreaming causing problems and the Human Givens approach is that excessive dreaming can cause depression rather than being just a symptom. I have been through my own depressive period these last year or so and waking during the night several times from distressing dreams wore me out for the next day. I had started Human Givens therapy locally but had to stop after two sessions for financial reasons. Eventually I went to my doctors and was put on Citalopram which I had 12 years ago during my separation and divorce. They have helped a lot with my sleep patterns and my constant dreaming but I am disappointed that I had go back on them instead of finding an alternative way through this. Fortunately things have significantly improved due to the new pension rules and I am looking forward to resuming therapy. I have purchased some of Marks hypnotherapy programs which I enjoy very much and I have taken an EFT practitioner course and I am intending to develop these skills to further my interest in the subject. Sorry if I may have gone into too much detail but I just wanted to explain why I am so grateful for your response. Warm regards. Trevor

- Trevor Griffiths

Thank you for the quick personal response. Love your products.

- maria

Thank you for your quick response.

- Barbara Lowrance

I really didn´t expect a response so quickly ! I only have to thank you, Rebekah for your kind and competent reply to my email and for immediately solving my problem. I am very happy with all the services provided by Uncommon Knowledge and i think it´s important to let others know it!

- Climene

HI; thanks for your rapid response. It was very helpful, and so far (I believe) has given me the info needed to solve the problem about which I have written.

- Cheryl Doll

I got help just a few hours after mailing. My problems where completely solved and I was asked very nicely for more background information. The most important thing was that I was toldwhatt that information was needed for- solving this problem, to make sure others would not have the same issues. That is of course excellent customer service practice, since it affirmed that my initial complaint was reasonable, not me being difficult

- Anna

Such a fast response and also an offer to exchange a download for me way past the 90 day date. It is far more than I expected. In fact I had felt a little badly for complaining about something in the first place since I enjoy your downloads so much. Thanks for being so helpful!

- Sarah

Hi Mairi, Just delighted with your rapid and friendly response that answered my question fully and precisely. Your kind and thorough answer has encouraged me to go ahead and purchase the Natural Healing download to use in concert with other Uncommon healing titles I already have. Thanks you so much for your help. :) Cheryl Doll

- Cheryll Doll

I am impressed by the quick response. Thanks.

- Helen maxey

It was a definite WoW!! I had not realized that years ago I had already purchased one of the downloads I bought yesterday. Within an hour (on a Sunday) the staff had addressed my problem and quickly allowed me to replace it with a different download. Fantastic customer service!!

- Marguerite Burke

Hi Paul, the speed and efficiency of your answer was impressive and getting just what I needed was nice! Thanks a lot, keep up the good work. Seán

- sean

Mairi's kind and thoughtful advice led me to exactly the sessions I needed. Thank you very much for your help!

- Brent

Swift, polite, helpful response. I am very impressed with the service I received.

- Dale Hartman

ur answer satisfied me

- precious

Outstanding customer service. I wasn't expecting it to be that easy or that quick! Thank you very much.

- Ella

Perfect! Thanks so much for your quick response. You answered my question and I will be ordering.


From past experience I expected a satisfactory resolution to my problem but I was WOWed by getting a response so quickly! I advised you of my problem late in the evening and had an answer when I woke up the next morning. Thank you

- Amy Schotke

Thank you so much. I have never been respected so much by an online company. I was ready to quit being your client but you have earned my respect. I look forward to continue buying from you. Thank you again. You are worth it!

- Jennifer

Very quick response. Thank you!

- Helen

Very quick reply, no questions, no hassle, very polite and professional. Thank you.

- Shelly Johnson

Thank you so much for your answers to my queries. Years of experimenting with meditation and positive thinking seminars have helped some, but one day something inside me said try Hypnosis. I appreciate that your downloads state that realistically it takes time. I have not had a huge breakthrough yet, but I am observe myself as less depressed. It's subtle. Today is Saturday, so I can get in a midday session!! I will order some of the ones you mention in your reply for sure. Thanks again, Elizabeth

- elizabeth brownd

Thank you again for your thoughtful and caring replies. I did look at the article for which you sent the link and it seems like there's a lot there- I will read it carefully and try to apply it, as well as consider the other advice which you provided.

- Jim Freund

Fast and helpful. Gave me other resources for help.

- Stephanie

You were wonderful thank you very much. Your response was very prompt & very warm & friendly - wonderful attitude generally - certainly great for Uncommon Knowledge owners & Managers = your a prize for them. And yes again I say it is a wonderful site & I will be joining up soon Finances are at a low (temporarily of course). All the very best to you Rebekah & thanks again. Julie from

- Julie Deegan

Rebekah always WOW's me with her responses; they are always right on target and give more info that I'd asked for, that will help me even further down my path of knowing myself. I can't believe I get all this help for a relatively small fee for my monthly membership; how awesome is that!!

- Cheryl Doll

This lady is very knowledgeable and very helpful! She helped me a lot. I am new to this site so her help was very much appreciated. I am 82 so I appreciate good manners and patience. Thank you.

- Laura Moore

Very quick response and friendly


Many thanks for your very quick response and putting my mind at ease. yours sincerely. James

- James Heffernan

Incredibly quick and helpful response to a query. Much appreciated.

- James Gladwin

I was very pleasantly surprised by the quick response and Mairi's comprehensive and helpful answers. I must say, I am overall very pleased with Uncommon and hope to benefit a lot. Haven't started yet.

- Jennifer Wood

So quick to get back to me. I feel we can take it from here. Thankyou so much.

- Brenda Thompson

Quickest response and ideal response---thank you.

- Teresa

Problem, not of your making, solved quickly and efficiently. The service, as always, is nothing but the best.

- Garry

Great responses, wonderful information, what a delightful lady. Thank you so much.

- Joy

Wow is not a good enough word to use for Rebekah. Incredible, wonderful and fabulous would be more describable. She's extemely thorough, answers all your questions, humorous and chocked full of valuable information, and that's unbelievably important, especially for this kind of need. She's a huge blessing. I can't say enough good things about her. She's an angel. The business is extremely lucky to have her on board. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for her. :-)

- Joy

Rebekah was very quick to respond to my query about ordering CDs and also gave me a great deal of help. Really impressed.. Thank you

- Lindsey Sanderson

Wow, Rebekah answers all my questions (lots) with ease and compassion. She's a wonderful person to work with. Extremely helpful, very patient and I need all the help I can get. :-) She's great support. Don't know what I'd done without her. Am really looking forward to getting my program. Thanks soooo much!!!!!

- Joy

Rebekah is great! She answers my questions right on time and gives me the information that I need to venture on. And she has always made time to write back to me. I believe she really cares. What an encouragement!!!! :-) Yaayyyy for Rebekah!!!!

- Joy

Hello, You answered very quickly and efficiantly and I am very thankful.

- Miguel

brilliant thanks very much. Next question - How can I change my password now? you probably gave me very clear instructions when I started but cant find it. sorry should have asked you at the same time :(

- Sue

Kirstin, you are awesome! Polite, courteous and a sense of humor...and resolve all my questions promptly. What more could you ask for? Thank you for all your help.

- Rose Siple

Thank you Rebekah for explaining the gremlin and solving my problem so promptly, and now I can complete session 3, Regards, Happy Patricia

- Patricia Wegert

A speedy response and, as always seems to be the case from Uncommon Knowledge, very helpful and very friendly.

- Helga Collier

Thank you for the prompt reply : )

- Denise Gallagher

Rebekah answered to all of my questions very accurately. Also, she took my questions from the email I sent her, she put in bold in the new email, and then she answered to them underneath which made the email very structured. This is a very high customer service. Thank you Rebekah.

- Etienne Faucher

Ms. Hall addressed all my concerns effectively, professionally, and to my benefit. This is not only great customer service, but it is especially helpful because the issues originated with mistakes on my part. Ms. Hall also helped in ways I hadn't expected, (e.g., providing a login link to expedite my login process). Thank you for making my business dealings with Uncommon Knowledge so straightforward. I appreciate your kindness.

- Deb Bishop

Kristen has been EXTREMELY helpful and a very caring person. I can't say enough good things about her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. :-)

- Joy

Quick response to my message. To the point and very courteous and helpful. Thank you. It's much appreciated.

- Martin O'Neill

speedy quick response. all information needed

- Aaron Acosta

Hi So nice to deal with someone who could answer me quickly and sort out the problem I had and this makes me confident when promoting your products that there always be someone to give a helping hand if required. Regards Glyn

- Glyn

Many thanks for the prompt and considerate reply. I am grateful for the successful resolution to the request and want to thank you for the exemplary service.

- Lisa

I really appreciate people getting back to me even if it is to say that there will be a problem. It is frustrating when you get no acknowledgement because people don't want to tell you there will be a delay. Thank you.

- Monica McIntyre

I emailed customer service with a question. The response was fast and it was great!

- Catherine

It is a pleasure how you take care of your customers and except input. I wish all business functioned in this manner. They would be surprised on how successful it is to all involved. Kirstin Asher is by far the most wonderful person to represent your business. Because of her help with my issues regarding volume on some of the recordings, I will continue to recommend your business and to remain a loyal customer.

- Renee

Your email sounded warm and friendly.

- Chris Case

Rebekah gave me a VERY complete explanation of everything I asked in a very organized, understandable way. She also gave me more helpful information related to my questions that will make it easier to make a good decision about how I will use my credits and make purchases. Thanks so much!

- Anne Maughan

Kirsten could not have been more helpful through what could have been an awkward and difficult request. She tried to help me at every stage and was extremely pleasant to deal with. I'm very grateful for the warm response & great experience. Thanks Kirsten & UNK

- Roxanne Rhodes

i feel wow as respond to my mall as i want some suggestion to come out from loneliness as i does not feel happy around with people it make me nervous .. i want to be with friend have fun and enjoy the life but i can't as i feel i m not capable of being company with any one...

- Tilok Gandharba

Rebeka has been wonderful in helping me reconnect with your programs.Even though I had been unregistered for some time she managed to sort it out so I can again progress with this great resource.She is obviously a warm and loving person in a warm and loving enterprise.

- Michael Thorn

This was a terrific response, and possibly very, very helpful. I need to try out the idea, which I am doing, though it is hard to keep the focus. (I often times find myself absentmindedly thinking about painful things despite wanting to postpone that until a set time and, relying on my unconscious, only if it is a 'helpful' thought). My wife and I have generalized the idea to any kind of obsessive, time-consuming thought and setting a time aside for talking about those things. Thank you Rebekah! I've always found your responses both very helpful and very caring.

- James Freund

Rebekah responded very quickly to my request for cancellation and also extended my subscription four extra weeks to give me time to use my credits, which is so helpful during this busy holiday time!

- Evelyn

You guys are so great!Always so quick to respond and always accommodating Thank you Rebeckah, and God Bless you and everybody at Uncommon Knowledge! Big hugs! Happy New yeAr! The tapes have changed my life for the better! Debbie

- Debbie van Dijk



I was absolutely delighted with the response time and customer experience I received. This is why I only buy from you guys, for all my self hypnosis needs.

- James

The timely response as well as the complete response--great customer service. Thanks so much!

- Karen Gorman

Many thanks Rebekah for your super fast response to my enquiry. The document is perfect!

- Karen April Mills

Extremely happy with the response. Quick response and very concise. The email I received provided me with all the information I needed. I have had many non-wow experiences (read horrible) trying to get support from some very large companies.

- John Martin

I can't help but be impressed whenever I submit a request. I always get an answer very promptly with exactly the information I have requested. And always done with empathy and understanding.

- Jennifer Wood

I cant believe someone has been this kind. Thank you so much.

- Hazel Leafe

As Usual -----just fabulous :-) Only one complaint ! ---there's only one WOW ! button :-)

- frederick

Very quick response Very pleasant and helpful reply

- Melinda Dodd

Thanks for the quick turn around merging my two accounts. Changing email addresses can be a hassle and getting companies to take care of this quickly is very helpful.

- Jim Lambert

A very prompt reply considering it was sent over the Easter weekend. Even though the problem has not yet been solved, I appreciated an explanation of why this was and your reassurance that you are checking with another department to try and make this happen. Many thanks.

- Marie Rains

Wooow....Thanks, that was really fast .

- Sadek Ragab

Very helpful..and much appreciated

- Kelly Hall



Quick response, addressed my query with the required information immediately.

- Rosie Hirst

Rebekah explanation was delivered with clarity so that there could be no misunderstanding of terms and conditions. She did this in a caring and professional manner, so that a good feeling of rapport and customer service values where kept aligned. She also listened to my suggestion and acted according to my best interests too. All in all a delightful and productive experience. Thank you.

- Maria Richards

You replied instantly to my request and that made me feel that I was not forgotten. Thank you

- Sharon

Fast as usual! Thank you !

- Sharon Blen

Thanks for the refund

- John Parkinson

Quicker, better and sooner than I ever expected -even my WOW was WOWED :-)

- frederick

Thanks, Kirstin! I really appreciate your quick response! I am very happy with my recent downloads. After purchasing the one on time pressure and listening once, I purchased other downloads and the are so helpful with my anxiety, especially quiet mind, I realized what I needed and purchased other similar downloads. So I greatly appreciate your guarantee/ return policy. Thanks! Wendy

- Wendy Rudnicki

I think that says it all!

- Leila

Your response was very timely and answered my question. thanks again, Pat P

- Pat Powell

Thank you very much Kristen. Your response was exactly what I was asking for and the personal message just added to the wonderful experience. I am not used to that kind of service via email. Thank you again. Have a wonderful day.

- Ron Woods

Just the response needed. The instructions appear to be just ahead.

- Robert F. Carlson

Just the response needed. The instructions appear to be just ahead.

- Robert F. Carlson

Dear Olga, thanks a lot for all your help. You worked so fast and I now have my download with no problems. Many thanks again, all the best and take care, Margaret.

- Margaret Rentsch

I listened to Mark's audio on 'How to Boost Your Confidence in 2 Minutes'. It was really cool. Thanks again for the tricks on understanding the persons moods and posters. Thank you for your response.

- Ravi

Rebekah has been so great and thorough!

- LD



Just want to say thanks for replying so fast.

- Milton

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly and fixing the problem. You can’t do any more than that! Love the hair!

- Louise Hyland

A fabulous part of a fabulous team. Thank you everyone

- frederick

Very helpful + prompt. Thank you

- John Perry

This response is over and above my expectations of what you would send me. I am very grateful to receive this information because it allows me to 1. measure my own learning as I use the available materials, 2. report my learning to those who would like to know what I have gained from the program, and how others can do the same, 3. give a sensible, theory-based answer when others question me about that UPTV is all about. Thank you for sending such a nicely organized reply to my rather half-baked question. I am very grateful!

- Meredith W Nisbet

I'm so pleased you made a download based on my suggestion, I am as proud as if I'd made it myself .

- Christine tomblin

I got a very fast reply on my email and a useful answer. Olga is great and very efficient.

- Maya

Thanks Olga

- Janice Marsden

Amazing thank you

- Anne Banyard

Quick and professional response.

- Robert

I hated to cancel my subscription but Rebeka was kind and efficient. She also corrected a mistake I hadn't noticed for which I am very grateful. (My browser crashed when I was signing up for UPTV and purchasing "The Rewind Technique" and didn't realize my credit card was being billed twice.)

- Grace Howlett

Thank you so much for the very quick response. I'm looking forward to these emails.

- Mary Boggs

Really appreciate the quick, efficient and friendly response. Thank you.

- Luana Mattey

Thank you for the quick response. You have answered all of my questions. Completely. Thanks, Samuel Hunter

- Samuel

Thank you so much for your very quick response. Not only fast; but, clear and to the point.

- Maureen O'Sullivan

I appreciated the concise and straightforward response and information.

- Steve Ortgiesen

Thanks for your swift response. And patience. Once again I have to apologise to you for bothering you with the same query. I'm 85 and my memory loss is widespread.

- Dr Bryan Knight

Very quick, personalized response.

- lori

Many thanks for a quick reply which has put my mind at rest! Tricia

- Patricia Baker

Geez ! :-) I'm getting the answers before I even ask the questions ! luv it.:-)

- frederick

Quick response with a very satisfactory outcome. Generous offer of a free download to replace an unsatisfactory one.

- Anne Tosh

After I stopped receiving all communications from Uncommon Knowledge, including those for accessing UPTV for three months while I was abroad, due to a strange technical problem, Kirstin helped me to successfully resolve both problems after one phone call. As I said in replying to one of her e-mails "And I must say how your response to my telephone call was diametrically opposed to the ones I received from WorldPAy. A big Thank You!"

- Dr Electra Soady

Rebekah helped me twice, first by spotting an issue with double charging on my account then by adding the depression programme to my app so I can listen offline. Excellent customer service, thanks so much.

- Gillian Romang

Speedy reply as usual. Friendly and informative as is the entire site..

- frederick

Olga Soletska did a great job in letting me know that my download submission had been accepted and I would hear back from them soon. Thanks, Olga!

- James M Johnson

Thanks for being there

- Linda

UnK encountered some problems with PayPal payments. Within a matter of hours I had the payment refunded and the order was set straight. Thank you so much, brilliant customer service!

- Eva

Lovely to make a personal contact. Thanks Rebekah

- Linda

very quick response. Many thanks.

- John

you r the best

- gail shore

The quickness and friendliness in reply to my query was much appreciated. Thank you!

- Catherine Maxwell-Day

Prompt response and truly care. The customer does not feel alone with you guys.

- Joike


- John Fisher

Wonderful remarkable customer service!!!

- Joike

Thank you for your reply! I appreciate it very much! You are trustworthy and reliable.

- Despina Papadidaskalou

Very effective. Thank you !

- Sarah Loveridge

Friendly prompt response reaching from such a distance. Thank you.

- Jennifer Knight

Very correct and quick in response.Money back guarantee is really true.I like your work for these steps and hypnosis pack,even that it didn't work as well for me.Best regards.Tau

- Taulant Skerdilajdi

Generous and honest commitment to company mistake.

- Michael Hynes

Thank you for your quick and informative reply :) All the best ..

- isma

Very prompt response. And dealt with my questions quickly and the response wasabove and beyond my expectations thank you!

- Barbara

Spot on simple answer, thorough

- Tin

Super fast response time! Thank you

- Barbara Peters

The pleasant tone of your resoponse was comforting. I am very happy for the credit which was an added bonus I was not expecting...just really hoping to get my cd. Your response was awesome, thanks again, Rebekah

- roger bitler

My experiences with Kirstin over the past 16months or so have ALWAYS been HELPFUL - INFORMATIVE - APPROACHABLE. Kirstin is always able to convey a *friend speaking to a friend* feeling - even though our conversations are carried out via e-mail I have always felt Kirstin's pleasant helpful and considerate compassion shine through all that she has helped me with. Kirstin is a DIAMOND ☆☆☆☆☆

- Jean Lesley Corbett

Sorry, I forget how to spell "Rebeka's" name...she has been wonderful to me. I have written back and forth and she has done a lot of work for me reading through scripts so I can receive what i think will help me. She gets back to me right away. Really compassionate, smart and hard working. thank you

- kim stephenson

Quick response is tantamount to satisfaction by your customers

- Bobbi Keys

Thank you!

- Leah

Thank you for your compassionate customer service. Responses are always quick and positive. So appreciative!

- Jackie Shirk

Very helpful. Thanks

- Miguel Barrios

Rapid, polite response with actions taken.

- James Gilbert

Very clear, very helpful.

- Brock Hansen

Rebekah was brilliant. Sorted out the problem really quickly, offered a couple of options and once I had chosen one, expedited it without any fuss. First class customer service.

- Rev Fiona Naylor

Prompt reply wowed me & also the information about the course was quite crisp.

- Arti Bhatia

You responded in a way that made me recheck and I realized that I had made a mistake.

- Nargis Lakhani

Quick response. No hassle.

- Bill

Rebekah replied promptly and provided a satisfactory solution.

- Graeme

A very quick, friendly and helpful response. Thank you very much Kirsten :)

- Luana Mattey

Quick reply as usual!!

- Sharon Dunn

Thank you.

- Magye

You responded within 9 hours, Resolved the situation, explained the tech challenges, refunded the duplicates and merged the accounts- thus finding 2 extra credits I didn't realize I had! Yay! Thank you Kirsten!

- Stacey Horn

Wow! That was brilliant! Emailed you before bed, just got up, and you have answered and solved my problem! Thanks Rebecca, thanks Uncommon Knowledge.

- Alison Ogle are so pacient 😉

- Walter

Thank you Kirsten. I am extremely happy with your service to me & also with the very fair policies & practices of Uncommon Knowledge in place for their clients.

- Shirley Hughes

Fast response and action. Thank you

- Mandy paley

Your informal and at the same time professional manner of communicating in business email is something I personally value, and I like your style very much. For the message content, I am WOWED! I did not expect to hear such great news. Thank you!

- Steve G. in Texas

Rebekah is always timely and clear with her answers. Thanks

- Pat Powell

Quick response and resolution to my problem!

- Michele

Once again a pleasure to deal with - prompt and extremely helpful.

- Aiden Higgs

Thanks for the prompt action in sending my missing commission.

- Prasanna P. Vishwasrao

Always polite meaningful replies and helpful alternatives where relevant. Always so quick to reply as well WWWWWOW

- frederick lawrence

Appreciate ur response Saif can u please put me in touch with who has gone through this process Thanks Saif

- Saif

Hi Kirstin - I can't thank you enough for the brilliant job you've done in answer to my phone call. It's at least 4 years since I had any dealings with Hypnosis Downloads - I was afraid I may have lost your contact details but thank goodness I found them. You haven't changed a bit - you're still as super-efficient and brilliant as you were back then! Thanks so much for recovering all those recent emails Mark sent and which I had lost - and you sent them all the very day I called you. I'm really glad you haven't changed jobs! Very best wishes, Geoff


Wow again!!!


Thank Rebeka I will study the courses on offer and get back to you . Just one question the installment plan I presume the course then comes in three parts as each installment is paid is it available on every course and sorry another question is their a reccommended order in which to take these courses

- Margaret

Thank sos much for your help

- Margaret Holland


- Sheila Thomas

Very quick and helpful service. Thanks very much!

- Sue Hall

Thank you both links work this time

- George O Wright

Thank you for the timely response and accommodating my needs. I will recommend you in the future and appreciate the good will.

- Mary Joanne Kraus PhD

Thank u for the refund I liked the product just can't afford it and my husband was mad.. thanks again

- Ronda Glimpse

Thank you for gettting back so quickly. Very easy to use, thank you. Should you put it on the website?

- Alison

Thank you so much for your kind reply and helpful assistance! I appreciate the fine professionals at Uncommon Knowledge so very much! ;D

- Kimberley M Lang

Thanks Rebekah, The log in is working now. Thanks for your fast response.

- Jeff Bellis, CHt

Amazing, Thank you for helping me merge my account and making it so easy. It's even nice to see all of the dates line up!

- Brian Cosgrove

Rebecca was extremely kind and very helpful. You are blessed to have her.

- Cindy

Thank you for a quick response. You always get straight to the point tand fix my issues. Wish more companies were like you.

- Suzy Gillow

Thank you for sending the links for the free learn hypnosis course that I somehow did not receive. The response time was excellent as well.

- Candice

I had set in my mind that I was going to be tricked into something. As long as you're upfront with offers that may cost something, I'm good with that. I didn't expect such a positive response and setting up links so I can view them. I will certainly listen to them in the morning.

- barbara

Thank you so much! Prompt and exceptional customer service - I was impressed by your friendly and informative response. I feel supported and very happy with the customer service.

- Angela Hotston

Just love all that I have heard and read so far. You are very clear and easy to understand and also inspiring. You create a feeling of trust too. I definitely would like to do your online course in Hynotherapy feel really tagged and excited to start studying hypnotherapy. It will add another bow to my string!

- Deirdre Mac Gowan Lindfors

A quick response to the point with a smile

- Natasha

Reply very fast and solve my issue quickly

- Vichuda Tangtermphol

Requested assistance changing my Uncommon U account log-in email address. This was accomplished almost immediately, and with no issues. Thank you very much!

- William Wood

Thanks Kirstin, for the quick response and reply to my email. Greatly appreciate the great support from the of uncommon care team. Thanks.. best regards, Shanti

- Shanti Chainani

Prompt, friendly, understanding and excellent response and assistance.. Thank you.

- Lorelle Wendt

Always fabulous replies. Always making me feel that my comment has been seen to straight away. Love it.

- frederick

It's not a matter of receiving a reply when I expect it, but the replies are coming even before I expect them ! I'll soon be getting the replies before I ask the questions ! :-) If this keeps up, the Procrastinators Society will go broke.

- frederick

Brilliantly, cmprehensive and caring reply! Thanks! Appreciate it!

- Lorelle Wendt

The supplying of the knowledge, the supplying of the support and the uncommon awesomeness of UNK continues.

- frederick

Thank you very much for your quick response

- Karen Slattery

Yaa.....I am so happy to see your reply

- Sreerag k

Where do I start? ,,, Kirstin is beyond exceptional! We operate a very busy clinic as well as manufacturing 3 health supplements that are sold world-wide and in health food stores nationally. we are continually involved in dealings with various organizations many of which are quite large. NEVER in all my years of experience have I ever encountered such excellence in customer care and appreciation! Kirstin is not only beyond exceptional ,,, she is beyond compare! Thank You Kirstin, for all that you have done to make our interaction with your great company a true pleasure. Tony Alexander, CEO Willow-Glen Holdings Inc. Willow-Glen Hypnotherapy & Reiki Clinic, Caledonia, Canada

- Tony Alexander

Thank you, I am learning and you are one of favorite sites

- James Renneker

What can I say? There are not enough glowing superlatives to describe all the positive interactions I have had with Paul and the Uncommon team. Everything I say now will just be redundant to my other comments here...fantastic, caring, really listen, immediate reply, etc.

- Sharon Dunn

Hello-thank you very much that you took the time to answer my questions. this seems to be the style of your company and the more I look at your stuff, the more quality I find in it.this is great! there is a personal element throughout and an attitude, which seems honest and fair. makes me feel good and courious for more

- Andreas

very pleased -so easy to communicate with, and always very helpful.... my skills with the computer are not the best, and often make silly mistakes, and you're always quick to respond and guide methrough it... thanks for your patience

- Natlie Botte'

Thanks so much! I know why I´m here and what I´m here for. The reason is you and the whole team, and what I find here! :-)

- Silvia

Friendly clear and straight forward reply, thanks

- Jackie

Your reply was prompt and actually better than I had requested when you told me I could continue to use the service until September. It ups the trust factor phenomenally and I look forward to continuing my education once more in the future. Thank you.

- Sharron Middler

Great fast service and fixed my problem. Grateful

- Marion

Its rare to find someone who genuinely cares and believes your story on faith alone. Gid bless her

- Violet horne

Thanks your info it was very helpful I have made the necessary changes so fingers crossed.

- Geraldine

Thank you Rebekah 🤗 your response was 10/10! Fast, helpful and you followed up when I continued to stumble until you sorted me out. Thanks to your efficiency I am now into the course and looking forward to all the new learning. So, thank you thank you thank you Faye 👏🌸🍃x

- Faye Sanderson

WOW ! Things are getting so good, that I'm getting the replies before I even ask the question !

- frederick

Quick and super nice AND problem solving response! Thank you 😊

- Chaya James

Excellent service as always!

- Garry George

I appreciate the personal response. I know that you're not going to kick me out, or discontinue my communication. So, I guess the best case is that I respond when you check in with me. I welcome any notes or thoughts that you have.

- Ellen Wood

I received the answer to my question right away, and even some additional information that will help me. You made this so easy for me, and I appreciate your kindness as well the competency you bring to your job. Thank you so much.

- Chris Johnson

You dealt with my problem very efficiently and got the problem sorted quickly - thank you!

- Cathie Hutchison

Very good. Thank you very much for such a quick response to mybemail. You answered all my questions.

- Brenda

Thanks Rebekah for a comprehensive reply that solved my issues!

- Lorelle Wendt

Quick, friendly and helpful response. Response relates directly to the question rather than something out of the "close enough" bucket. WOW

- Nick Mounsey

Rebekah's response was very quick, polite and friendly. In other words, excellent in every respect!

- Christopher Devine

Rebekah is a first-rate representative!

- Christopher Devine

Once again rapid and focussed response. Thanks.

- Nick Mounsey hi

The response and solution arrived much quicker than expected. Very, very pleased with the results! Thanks

- Cindy

Rebekah always comes thru. Once I send an inquiry, I don't need to follow up to see why a response isn't forthcoming - I know she will answer or resolve anything quickly. (-:

- Sharon


- Muhammad Suleiman Doko

Courteous, prompt reply. Stated clearly what the problem was and what will be done. (I'm awaiting for the affiliate signup problem to be fixed.)

- Jean Soohoo

Thanks for the titles that you included in your response. I really appreciate that. I'm reading the summaries right now (I'm just taking a second to do this).

- James Crippen

Quick responses and very helpful indeed

- Vasos

Impressed with your swift response. Cheers Patrick

- Patrick Brown

My query was dealt with very quickly and I was very happy with the way it was resolved. Thank you, your ongoing help and support is great!

- Catherine Lee

Thanks for swift reply and solution to problem.

- nancy rose weeber

Really prompt and helpful reply

- Valerie Talbot

Rebecca was extremely caring and helpful. Her solution was perfect. I am very pleased and will gladly continue to use your great services.

- Anna

thank you

- Lisa Hancock

I appreciate your prompt reply!

- Aileen Hayden

I appreciate you taking care of my request promptly and thoroughly and providing such a clear explanation of steps and timelines. I feel well met; it's a pleasure to receive great service in addition to great products.

- Aileen Hayden

Always, professional, friendly and helpful. Nothing is too much trouble and always responds, quickly to queries and questions.

- David Snelders

Always so aproachable Friendly Easy communication 💖

- Joanna Spice

Rebekah answered very quick to my questions and her answer helped to overcome my uncertainty. Thank you very much Rebekah!

- Sophia

Excellent help!

- Rutger

Many thanks Rebekah - exactly what I needed; very prompt and efficient response.

- Jo Banthorpe

Highly satisfactory reply, thank you.

- Jane Jarrett

Very pleased with the fast service I received and how fair you are by allowing me to still make purchases with credits I earned😀

- Kim

Thank you Rebekah!

- David Parvin

Helpful and patient, not frustrated with all my questions lol

- c

My pockets appreciate it. Thank you!

- Chad

Response time was extremely quick with a very friendly and professional email letting me know that my request had been taken care of and that I gad been refunded.

- Janet Webster

I love to be part of the Uncommon Knowledge community even though I've not taken any courses. I believe I've been intergenerational trained starting post grad 1998 with Ivan Tyrrell and Solution Focused Breif Therapy then many individual sessions with Mark. Many thanks for your answer to my feedback.

- Wendy Lowe

Thank you for your fast response Rebekah

- Julie Atkinson

Thank you for the thorough response. It helped me immensely. Thank you again.

- Dottie Claggett

Rebakkah clarified my misreading of Kirsten's email- and responded the same day; typical for her (-: It's super nice having the same person to connect with when emailing a question! Couldn't be happier with the folks that work together to make this website so enjoyable.

- Sharon Blen

I wasn't expecting to receive an email in response to my entry. I know you must receive tons of entries, so for you to take the time to answer them is definitely a wow experience. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

- marilyn huff

Quick and great service

- Betty Ann

Rebecca Your customer service is second to none!!! I appreciate your help fixing my errors in such a quick and efficient manner. All the best to you and your team. Cheers Betty Ann

- Betty Ann

Very impressed with the follow up and the response. As a business woman it’s nice to do business with a company who shares your ethics and follows through with great customer service. You went above and beyond. Thank you.

- Maxine Warsh

Excellent service, thanks so much for fixing my error. Cheers Betty Ann

- Betty Ann

I can stop stressing a bit. Now I can be creative and get on with it. More secure in my judgement. Rather than having the nag saying you're all wrong or crazy.

- Barbara

Always happy with your response. Professional, swift and helpful. An asset to Uncommon Knowledge

- Deborah

Thanks for sorting out my (own created) problem, I must get more tech savy

- Glenn Roberts

I am delighted to get the response in no time from you.Thank you. I hope to get your valuable guidance always.

- R.Rajalakshmi

Thank you all sorted. You replied within 24 hours - gave clear instructions as to how i can access my purchase via login and then provided direct link to my products for me to access on this occasion. Very much appreciated. Courteous wording and very helpful.

- Louise King

Hi Rebecca, Thanks for your prompt response. I am once again impressed with your great service. I appreciate how UK does business. You are second to none. Merry Christmas, Blessing to you, your work mates and families.

- Betty Ann

Rebekah is so thorough in her responses- she sent me the links I needed to update GZ monthly payments. World Pay was driving me nuts not responding!! I should have just gotten in touch with her sooner and saved myself the aggravation with World Pay(-:

- Sharon Blen

Prompt is easier to spell than immediate. Both words have the same meaning. Replies and support NOW ! ooer ... There's three words with the same meaning :-) Prompt, immediate and NOW is the support we all get from the people at UNK. love it :-)

- frederick

Bought quite a few downloads which I’ve found very effective. Disappointed when one just didn’t work for me & struggled to write an email for a refund. Asking for an exchange was a lot easier for me even though I didn’t know if it would be possible. Rebekah was brilliant she actioned my request & also took the trouble to suggest an alternative to the download which didn’t work for me. Greatly appreciated she took the extra step. Thank you 🙏

- Rebecca

Yes Wow ! Thank you Rebekah ! Thank you for the fast positive answer ! And for the mp3 version in the members Zone !


Thank you for your quick response, I am not the best on my kindle or other modern ways to purchase things.

- Diane Ortmann

Thanks again for your awesome service. I greatly appreciate how your always willing to look after me. It’s no wonder it’s such a successful business. Cher Betty Ann

- Betty Ann

Rebekah was very detailed in her explanation of what happened and was very easy for me to understand. Problem was resolved. Excellent customer service! Thank you, Rebekah!

- Susan

Quick and pleasant!

- Steve Ortgiesen

Rebakah is outstanding. Her patience and ability to clarify android/laptop downloads was great.

- Elaine Allen

Prompt and helpful response which was nice and made me confident that Hypnosis Downloads are OK!🎖 Thank you

- Michael

I'm impressed by the speed and quality of your responses. Great service!

- Tony

I am quite pleased with the assistance I received. Your promptness. Yay, time difference! You were probably resetting my password while I was asleep! It was better than Christmas morning, waking up and finding a response in my email which included a new password to my account. And, included therein was the missing Meaning in Life download for which I had been searching for weeks. !! And, I didn't have to grovel asking for and then resort to nastiness demanding replacements. You told me, if anything is missing from my purchase history to let you know. And from my experience and other customer reviews, I believe you. So refreshing!

- Diane Burke

You were prompt and answered in the time allotted. You did not force me to discuss further why the product was not a good fit for me. You simply told me how to return it.

- Kat Rose

HOWDY! Thanks for the speedy reply truly above and beyond. I am sure I will get the knowhow to work this system. I am still learning daily. Have a Blessed Day! LeRoy

- LeRoy Hoagland

You replied so quickly - how fabulous!

- Karen Abis

You did great! I'm pleased and honored that you would like my comments for your testimonial. Although my wife hasn't passed on yet, I am grieving terribly already, watching her die a terrible death! Yet I know it is crucial to take care of my health (which I am doing) and to get out and be outgoing and sociable, which I have made a successful effort to do, via the help of the hypnosis tapes especially on Belief in Yourself I feel all of you are like very caring friends. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE HELP AND CARING YOU HAVE SHOWN ME! I'm sure the Grief download will help when I start to use it. Again' GREAT JOB!!!!

- Rick Silver

Rebekah is the wonderful inher Customer Service. I have had numerous problems with my downloads to an iPad, but she always there to help me. She had also helped me distinguish between similar titles.

- Victor Karidakes

Thanks for your cooperation and email. I'm sure that I have to learn more about Uncommon Hypnosis.....Daiva

- Daiva Shem-Tov

You put yourself out to accomodate my request and I am very grateful, thank you

- Lynne Loughlin

You responded quickly with an answer to my query - Honoured the offer (even though I had missed the deadline) and made it easy for me to take up And I received my refund as promised almost immediately and I wasn't left waiting :) Thank you

- Denise Ward

How well you explained things. I feel much better about continuing to use the Growth Zone knowing that if I cancel at some time, I will still be able to access all the downloads that I have purchased. You were right about being using the same e-mail to try and set up a separate free account.

- Barbara Powell

Response was received in due time with helpful instructions. Thank you very much.

- Pritthijit Kundu

Rebekah is the exact example of what real customer service is suppose to be; she has answered each and every question I had over the course of at least a month. Professional and courteous with an anser for everything and suggestions that were over the top. THANK YOU Rebekah :) You can post my comments but please do not use my name.

- Lisa Vendeiro

That was fast and painless!! Thanks

- Anne Frost

Quick, detailed reply. Very happy.

- Joe

Hi Very delighted with speed of response and changing order without long question and answers. A great change to many so called customer care depts! Thank you again.

- Ray

Rapid response.

- Warren

It had been a long time since I got such quick and positive response from someone. YOU and your TEAM are simply doing a great great job. KEEP IT UP!!!

- Akash Chhagani

It's so nice to have a real person who takes the time to understand the question and then give a sensible answer! Thanks Kirstin :-)

- Celia

Thank you so much Kirstin, your customer service is truly exceptional and very much appreciated. It is a true reflection of the excellent culture of your company Uncommon 'Knowledge'

- Denise Gallagher

You answered me promptly and were courteous and personable. I appreciate that.

- Pam Henkel

I thought there would be more questions, time going back and forth before merging my two accounts. However, it was simple and the matter was resolved immediately!

- Denise

Paul Galbraith responded to my email within twenty-four hours and we live on different continents in different time zones, very customer oriented indeed. I had made multiple purchases of single hypnosis titles instead of grouping them together for a multiple purchase discount. This is easy to do because is like being in a candy shop; you just keep discovering more delicious titles you want to purchase. Anyway, Paul looked at my order history and applied the multiple purchase discount to the the single titles I purchased. Not only is the content of the product outstanding at HypnosisDownloads (I should know, I'm a certified hypnotherapist), the customer service is stellar and Paul is a valuable, personable asset to the company.

- Bret Dealey

Good & instance reply. Thanks once again

- Felicia Ko

I was refunded with no questions asked and this is a wow for me. thanks very much.

- Donna McKay

I was so pleased with the quick response. Thank you Kirsten. I'm all fired up to do the course.

- Keith Perry



Very courteous, professional, efficient response to my query. Thank you.

- Esther

I did not expect a response, unfortunately it has been my experience, businesses are far too busy to bother with inquiring minds. I have not located instructional courses in your extensive list of downloads, classes, etc., (perhaps I have not looked hard enough...) on learning; How to teach Uncommon Knowledge to Practitioners, thus my inquiry. Receiving feedback was a welcome respite from my experiences with organizations thus far. I hope we continue to do business with one another. I believe in your theories, uncommon techniques/methods you use and look forward to incorporating them into consultations with my clients. I am hopeful that in 2015 I will add a partner and experience a substantial increase in clientele. Thank you for your kind response and interest in my learning and growing as a Practitioner.

- Debbie Lucas

Excellent, if all companies were as prompt and helpful life would indeed be a whole lot easier and less stressful.

- Ian Scott Wood

Very timely and 'human'.

- Justine Alexander

Super quick response, understood what had caused problem, which was resolved expeditiously, given extra credit to say sorry for inconvenience. A very positive experience!

- Patrick

I had a fast response to my recent email. / While I'm here I would just like to mention some time ago over a year now, I posted a long detailed letter of the symptoms I wanted hypnosis treatment for, to Uncommon Knowledge, asking for advice on what downloads would be suited for me. I used the address provided on the website for contact. It's irrelevant now as I found the CD's I tried from hypnosis downloads of little help, but was surprised never to recieve a response to my letter, that's if Uncommon Knowledge received my letter. Anyway Regards. Take care. Edward.

- Edward Williams

Most impressed with your prompt response and uncommon care!

- Prudence Choi

Thanks Rebekah, My question is answered and, as usual, service from the UK team is prompt, courteous and I feel like I matter.

- Estelle Godsman

It was a wow . . . Prompt . . personal . . . I'm wondering if I'ts a once off and how you ll go solving a problem or dealing with a negative . . . However given the lengths you've gone to really, genuinely find out what I think .. . . You guys might be the real deal

- Stephen

Greaet Support. Fast Support. Kind support. Helpful and thorough Support - Answered all of my questions in detailed + provided explanation + link for each topic. Provided the new audio file although I purchased the file from iTunes. This kind of gesture really warms my heart and provide me the safe feeling that your company really cares about their clients. You keep improving and enhancing the audio files and you are willing to provide it to anyone who purchased it in any way. Keeps me motivated to continue buying from HypnosisDownloads. Thanks a lot!!!

- Yaron Feinberg

Mairi Keenan was fabulous!?? On a scale of 1 - 10, she was 100!!!' I had trouble printing out my script for a new binge eater hypnosis client who was coming shortly. I was a bit frantic and asked if it could be sent to me. Bingo!! Done!! I give workshops on customer service. I will use you as an example!!! Thank you so much!!!!

- Susan hastings

Thank you for sorting out my refund so quickly and politely! Very speedy and with personal attention. Alice

- Alice

Faster than fast response. Brilliant suggestions as to how to resolve the issue. Kindness and understanding. Patience abounding. Give this girl a huge pay raise!

- Cheryl Doll

As always the response from Mairi to my questions was almost instantaneous detailed, perfect and UPLIFTING !

- Eva

Such a lightning-quick response! And late on a Sunday night at that! This is evidence that you guys really care!

- Steve Ortgiesen

Hi Paul, the speed and efficiency of your answer was impressive and getting just what I needed was nice! Thanks a lot, keep up the good work. Seán

- sean

OK, Rebekah; you did it once again. You gave a super-quick answer about a Paypal refund that I couldn't find in my emails, nor on my bank website and PayPal was going to return that $99 to Uncommon Knowledge, and but YOU SAVED THE DAY!! Even tho I find the way you work some things over there in the UK a bit confusing, everything you said about how the PayPal refunding works was correct and made complete sense because YOU took the time to explain it fully to me. You are such a SMART, CARING, SWEET person who makes my day easier and I APPRECIATE you SO MUCH. Please have a lovely week. Sincere Regards, Cheryl D.

- Cheryl Doll

Hi, Kirsten; Well, another WOW for you; you have gone out of your way to spoil me rotten!! :) Not only was my situation handled mega-fast, I got way more in return than I had even asked for. How good is that!! I have NEVER dealt with a Customer Care Team that is SO FABULOUS, SO FANTASTIC, and SO OVER THE TOP!!! Cheryl Doll

- Cheryl Doll

You really go out of your way to help and understand. Thank you for the outstanding customer service.

- Silvia

The friendliness and speed of response to my emails is only surpassed by how helpful you all are. Please pass on my appreciation to Mairi Keenan, as well as having a huge dollop of it for yourself, Rebekah

- Helga Collier

I was so pleased that you were so accommodating :) Thank you for being so helpful!

- Jo Saleeba

Hi Rebekah, Many thanks for your prompt and helpful response, very much apprreciated. I gave you a WOW because it is quite rare in this day and age to recieve a 'real person' reply. Your response was prompt. You answered all my queries and in a way that made me feel that you do care about the service you give. So WOW and :- ))) In my humble opinion the whole Depression Learning Path web site is ☆☆☆☆☆ and a great achievement for all the team that brought it to fruition THANK YOU ALL ☆♡☆

- Jean Corbett

Hi Rebekah That was a fantastic responce. Really fast and efficient. The 2 links to the written 10-sreps stuff work perfectly but there is a further piece of tweaking needed on the link to the relevant audio file. The present link takes me to a you have no access message. Perhaps you could have a look at that for me and send me whatever is needed ? Your offer to replace my damaged CD ROM is also very much appreciated and I look forward to the arrival of the postman. Look forward to hearing from you again soon and, once again, thank you so much. Pearse

- Pearse Culkin

I did not think that I would get the adrenal fatigue treatment for free. I made the mistake while placing the order. Upon receiving my mail you swapped the order and sent me my desired product.

- Md. Sorowar Hossain Chowdhury

Hi Kirstin, Many thanks for your prompt and helpful advice. I did post a cheque and explanatory letter to Uncommon Knowledge yesterday, in the hope that it would be ok to do so :- ))) Many thanks again very much appreciated. Best wishes and kind regards

- Jean Corbett

WOW, you sorted out what I needed in spite of my poorly worded question and solved my problem with lightning speed! I am so impressed.

- Lois

Hi! Wow! Thank you for the VERY quick response! As I mentioned in my first email, customer service is one of HDs strengths. The initial email I received was not consistent with the friendly, personal connection I have felt over the past couple years. I am glad that you recognize and are taking steps to track down the auto email source. I am proud to say that I am a shuffle winner and hopefully my suggested session is helping people and earning you a few dollars/pounds/euros! I have recommend your site to many friends and students of mine and the incredible customer service is something I highlight. On a related note - I was wondering if I would be getting the 2nd download credit for the August payment or do I need to extend my membership a couple weeks to get that? Best, Peter

- Peter Galamaga

Such a speedy response and refund--obviously great customer service backs up your great product.

- Lisa Cobian

First of all, it is clear with simple vocabulary, new field to discover and secondly it makes us help ourself and others, hopefully .

- Nina

Thanks Kirstin, For your professional and prompt response you resolved the issue brilliantly. I'm up and running and delighted with the outcome thanks again. Have a harmonious and peaceful day

- bree Kearns

1. Gave the download IN the email. 2. Cleared up membership confusion. 3. Refunded original purchase price. 4. Encouraged me to continue on and try the product. 5. Treated me with respect. 6. Gave clear directions. 7. Expressed empathy for my concerns. 8. Represented your organization well. 9. Restored my faith in the enterprise. I felt you were there for me, and so I tried the file and had a very favorable experience. WOW!

- Jeannellen Ryan

I had to clear the cookies in Chrome to get the Natural Depression Program to reappear on my account. I never would have thought of this myself, so I'm very grateful for Rebekah's advice. Thanks, Rebekah!

- Brandon Pickering

Thank you for your prompt attention to my refund request. Even thought I did not get the desired benefit from your program I can say without hesitation that I am considerably impressed by the level of customer service that I have experienced. I am sure there would be many online businesses that could learn plenty about great customer service from the way your organisation does business.

- Peter Fields

Two very prompt responses , very helpful

- Stuart Downing

When ever i am feeling anxiety just as Mark said i am following the 7/11 breathing so it is helping me a lot. And also i am sending command to my brain that don't be fear nothing is going to happen every thing is fine. Actually my problem is relationship breakup which i never expected. To loose her i am getting fear suddenly i don't know how to control it i know she will never come back for me and accept me she is not even caring me she made me fool and murdered my love but i am trying a lot to fight back. If there are tips avoid anxiety due relationship breakup that is getting fear to loose the person though she is not showing any interest on me. Please help me with that tips.

- sharath chandra namala

This is absolutely the best knowledge about depression and the curing of depression that I could found after several years of research and many discussion with psychologist and psychiatrists. This is such important information that every household in the world should know about it.

- Gerhard Fritz

Quickly answered my questions. Thanks.

- Matt Kenny

I don't even know what the word i want to say in order to describe how much the e-mail response that I got from Rebekah. The closest 3 words would probably be amazing, awesome, and very helpful. I sent the e-mail expecting to get a very broad answer back, with no insightful details to the question that i had asked. Before I sent my e-mail my expectations were very low on the type of answer i would get not because i don't like the Uncommon Care Team but because of all the e-mails i can only imagine you guys get. Therefore, I didn't expect to receive such a heart warming and honest response (specifically from Rebekah) that was so insightful. I really appreciate what she wrote to me, since i'm an aspiring psychologist and a lot of times feel unmotivated that I wouldn't be able to help other people out but this is what I love to learn and study. My main goal is to get help and learn as much as I can so I can get to the point where i can help people out in their daily lives. The information Rebekah gave me made me feel like I can get on that track and start doing what I love to do, and for that i couldn't thank her enough. A simple comment regarding her e-mail to me isn't enough. I take your response with trinormous appreciation and thank you for doing what your doing Rebekah. You noted that you graduated in the class of 2013 so i wish you good luck in this field and im sure you will do fine!

- Robbie Mckim

Your response was quicker than I expected.

- M. S.

The answer was exactly what I needed and was delivered in a timely manner

- Julie Lewin

Fast and on point as usual. I ask for help from you because I actually know I will get it and it will be exactly what I need. I am indebted to this company, the philosophy, products and customer care. Thanks again!

- Barbara

Very prompt service and understanding

- Kathy

Rebekah zero'd in on the exact points of my request, answered the questions concisely and completely with subtle insights and friendly understanding. I am really blown away, she is an EXCELLENT face of your company...which is the most I know of you, other than your emailed videos and helps, and she defines you in the most positive, impressive light. Congratulations on your association with her, she's a true asset. Give that woman a raise!

- James W. Fuller

Hello Rebekah I was wowed by your very quick reply to me, and also your quick action to take care of my requests. I am also always wowed by the warm and friendly attitudes presented by your organisation Uncommon Knowledge. Thank you again Shirley Hughes Byron Bay-Australia

- Shirley Hughes

Yes Rebekah You are very helpful, you answer my questions in a warm & friendly way that invites me to seek any help I need. Thank you for that, It is very much appreciated KInd Regards Shirley Hughes

- Shirley Hughes

All of the staff at UK are great! Fast email response ALWAYS courteous, knowledgeable and approachable! Thank you

- Kristin Ellingham

Kirstin has helped me out twice in the past few months, always with detailed information and a quick response. 10/10 for customer service, very much appreciated, thank you! :)

- Gareth

Simple solution offered without patronizing.

- darren

Karen replied very promptly and delivered more than I expected. I requested a credit on a duplicate product and she was able to get a refund organised. Plus she offered me some more information available free on a particular link. Many thanks, Karen.

- Jennifer

Very prompt answer! Thank you!

- Alina

Your quick response.

- Leatha Williams

Delighted with the prompt and effective response.

- Paul

Rebekah is always so kind and accomadating. She is a fantastic representative for your company!

- Mary Winn

Super fast response time. Great Leaders,GreatTeam!

- Tom W

Thanks for the speedy and thorough reply.

- Caroline

Quick and helpful reply was great, thanks.

- Geoff Thompson

Thank you Karen for your very prompt response and reply to my email regarding subscribing to UPTV. I look forward to using this informative resource.

- Ann Lowton

Speedy, helpful response. You had actually read my email and went out of your way to unstand my problem and find a solution. I am very grateful. Gives me great confidence in your whole team.

- Lynn Ward

Thank you so much for such a quick and speedy reply!!!

- Diane

Thanks Rebekah for a clearly guided and very compassionate response, and thanks for the great insight with which you guys are helping people all around the world

- Farah

Thank you very much for the 'personal touch' - this was very sensitive, and also for saying yes to my request!

- Jenny Blake

Speedy response made my day, thanks for your help.

- Jay Terry

You see, it's a different language/meaning I now realise that it's one VERSION with three delivery methods :-) Bottom line is that the e-book version - woops - delivery method :-) is what my mind desires/demands. The good news on the WOW factor is that you were QUICK to reply... the bad news is that you can hardly improve on the quick service or you'd be answering the question before I asked it. Sound crazy? it's alright, I'm English and a Goons fan..:-)

- frederick

Timely responses: Insightful and helpful. Just what I needed and asked for!

- James Langston

The response was incredibly fast, polite and helpful.

- Nicky Illsley

very good info, thank you. When the funds come in, I will order a download. Also, thank you for the extra link.

- Tracy

The speed with which you replied to my e-mail query and the manner in which it was conducted was not only impressive but also made me feel good about utilising your services. Such an excellent service makes me wish to continue with yourselves.

- Raymond Kingsley

I really appreciate Rebekah's not making me jump through hoops to get my issue resolved. I truly am a huge fan of your site, your product, and now, your support!!! Thanks for the quick responses too. xxxa you can definitely share my post - using the email addy below. xxa

- amanda kravat

I have raised a couple of queries about services and courses provided by Uncommon Knowledge, and each time I have been amazed at the prompt responses, given that we are half a world away, plus the fact that I have received service above and beyond expectations. Thank you for being so accommodating and flexible - it is really appreciated. Gae M, Australia

- Gae

Response was super! Your customer service rocks!!!!

- Melinda Slaysman

Hi Rebekah, Thank you SO Much for such a thorough and personal response to my concerns. WOW. I really appreciate all of it and the time you took to so carefully outline each and every aspect of what I asked. I wish all customer services would be like this. To your continued success, Sue

- Sue S.

Just a quick and personalised response!

- Steve Ortgiesen

Thank you for your speedy response and going the extra mile by providing a scan of my certificate and ensuring to explain that a certificate would be sent via post first thing the next day. It made me feel that you cared.

- Maria Richards

You honored the co.pant promise and didn't try and make me feel bad about it. Thank you.

- Sandy

Very prompt and personal response - appreciated you attaching the doc to email so my computer didn't reject it.. Many thanks. Have a good weekend.

- Karen

I am impressed that you actually respond the next day after I ask a question. That is better than the patient portal for the medical clinic where I go. Watching eagerly for the remarks by Rebekkah.

- Meredith Nisbet

I sent my request to Rebekah in the evening and the next morning her response was there for me! She related to my situation and her attitude is great! My hard drive on my computer had been totally erased and I lost everything. She sent me new login info and a new password and Voila I have all my hypnosis information again! Can't tell you what a relief it is to have it back and not have to hassle over getting it back! Thank you! Thank you!

- Gini Hartman

Thanks for your effort in making a quick turnaround. I did not have to follow anything up.

- Jeremy Castelino

As always - answered quickly - always great to know Rebekah is on the case updating email so I know at what stage my query is at Many Thanks

- Lee

Many thanks for the prompt and friendly response :-)

- Michelle Wakerell

As always Rebekah I am delighted and grateful for the quick response I always receive from your team to any problem I have...thank you

- Shirley Hughes


- Pedro Di Giacomo


- Peter Mark Pedro Di Giacomo


- Pedro Di Giacomo

Ta atas orm.(I am happy).I am impressed with your piosa gaelga(piece of gaelic). My gratitude and best wishes to you all, always.

- Padraig O Cuinn. (Patrick Quinn)

I was very happy with the way Rebekah, and the company in general, handled my case. Rebekah responded my emails very quickly and to my satisfaction.

- Reza Nojoomi

Hi Rebekah, I'm always delighted with your timely and detailed response Rebekah. Your a font of knowledge and it's obvious that you love your work. My email queries are answered with lightning speed every time😊. Your a credit to the Uncommon team thanks as always. Best Wishes Bree Kearns Bray Co Wicklow Republic of Ireland

- Bree Kearns

Rebekah's service has always been excellent! She is very prompt to reply and gives clear and simple but comprehensive answers. She understands my questions and is very pleasant to work with. Thanks Rebekah!

- Long-time anonymous and very happy customer!

Rebekah provided the best customer service I've had in years. I have chronic insomnia and have found Hypnosis Downloads very effective. When I upgraded my phone I lost Mark Tyrell's version of "Drifting off to Sleep" and couldn't sleep without it! I emailed Rebekah and she dug through old files and computers to find it! She uploaded it to Drop Box and I breathed a sigh of relief. It took her a lot of time and effort. This was not easy and she really did not benefit from it at all, but she understood how important it was to me and she made it happen. WOW!!!!

- Ami Miller

Always such a quick response Rebekah to all my queries. Thanks so much! 😊

- Susan Mundy

I felt awkward about cancelling the subscription, esp when I intend to keep getting downloads, but Rebekah was very lovely about this which was reassuring and certainly makes me feel good about keeping on getting more downloads in the future - a very nice feeling, as if the relationship hasn't been broken, if that makes sense? Also I somehow had more credits than I thought? And I wouldn't have realised this if Rebekah hadn't pointed it out, so I very much appreciate that! Thanks heaps and I look forward to many years listening to hypnosis downloads! Many thanks!

- Laura McLauchlan


- Peter Mark Pedro Di Giacomo

I was thrilled with the comprehensive, professional, yet friendly email I received from Rebekah. I don't normally bother doing things like this, but I was so pleased with her particular way of responding, and the response itself. A great customer service response! Thank you! A great company too.

- Claire Geary



I greatly appreciated the answers that you gave me. I guess that maybe I am getting something out of the program but not being fully aware of how it is working. I am certainly not chewing off nails as much, or am resisting the urge to do so.

- John Herbert

Hi Rebekah - very speedy and helpful responses, thank you so much.

- Susan Skyring

Rebekah was amazing. I got confused and messed up my order royally. Rebekah made sense out of everything and resolved it in a very seamless easy way. I felt taken care of like if by my old friend. I appreciate that a lot.

- Nehama

Offered to process an exchange (or a refund) within 90 days with no questions asked. Was very respectful and quickly exchanged my selections which made for a very pleasant and easy experience.

- Damon

I have always been delighted with your response... With all of you at Uncommon Knowledge... Thank You!

- Ashlesh

Rebekah responds quickly and is so helpful whenever I have a question or request. She makes dealing with Hypnosis Downloads easy and comfortable. I have also found the others at your company to be very helpful.

- Natalie

Thank you for your help. I have contacted a couple of potential therapists as there are other things going on with my son. There are so many counsellors/therapists and it is a mindfield trying to find the kind I was looking for, you made it easy and saved me a lot of time and energy.

- Joan LaBassiere

it was late on a Friday night that I emailed for help with download suggestions yet by the time I woke up Saturday morning at 5:00 AM Rebekkah had responded. I knew she would and In fact just automatically addressed my inquiry to her. She has been an enormous help in directing me to a variety of download suggestions the last few months. . To Mark and Roger and your wonderfully hand picked script writers, I want to say thank you. Now more than ever, hypnosis audios have been the most instrumental part of success in my being able to carrying on day to day as my 3 year old grandson fights a rare form of pediatric cancer that- as of this moment, has no cure. So it takes more than just cancer downloads -it takes a variety of specifically selected audios that come from different categories to fit my particular needs as they arise. There is simply no one size fits all model to follow for this situation. Yes I know there is a great part of your website devoted to download help and was excited to see this offered after being a member for several years. But for now I don't have the luxury of time to read as I did before and therefore am grateful I can shoot off an email- state the situation and ask for help. And help arrives in the form of Rebekkah. Now I merely review her suggestions and make my selection one at a time. My hope is Rebekkah never hears from me again . That I don't need further help because Caleb will be cured and life will no longer include this toxic topic. In the meantime she's there and you, Mark and Roger, made a brilliant decision to hire her- which by the way, I found it really interesting to read how you go about hiring team members. So long review but worth the time to write it. If we don't make it a priority to let you guys know how you are doing we can't expect either of you to continue going in the right direction for future expansion . God Bless! PS if you do use this publically please "clean it up' for me! Im on my mobile and must run - don't have time to proof. Thanks -Sharon

- Sharon Blen

Dear Rebekah, thank you so much for your quick response,very much appreciated :-) ! , but more important for your patience with my question. ! Kind Rgds Eric

- Eric Hoogendoorn

Rebekah has been so great and thorough!

- LD

Yes, you certainly did "wow" me not only with the timeliness of your response, but the content showed me that you cared enough about my experience to not only see if something could be done about the problem I had with hearing the download, but also offering me another free download...which I will definitely accept. Thank you for truly caring about your customers! Mary Clever da Silva

- Mary Clever da Silva

Wow, I got the exact response and solution I wanted without having to do anything complicated. Speedy too

- Andrew Leatham

I was very impressed with your quick, friendly and sincere response. This site and customer service really lives up to its name.

- Jennifer Moor

Very fast response and links were very useful. I also loved to see a photo of you, the one person who is guiding me on the other side of the line.

- Vero Aguas

Thanks for the "first time fix" in relation to my issue and getting around the technical barriers with a creative solution :)

- Shane Marsh

Prompt and helpful - thank you!

- John Perry

Helpful, friendly and action taken immediately to put my problem right. (The issue was my end and was technology related; not something Uncommon Knowledge had done)

- Joanne

I was a little upset with the email that went out changing T&C for your affiliate program and this most likely came across in my questions. Paul answered calmly and with detail to make me understand what you were doing and why, and he turned what I perceived as a negative communication into a positive experience.

- Cliff Calderwood

Fantastic response! Even though my request hit your inbox after 10:30 at night (BST) your response was in my inbox in about an hour and a half. All of my experiences with Uncommon U have been uncommonly good! Hats off to the entire team! Thank you!

- Jim Barnett

Hi Rebekah, I hope that you are well. I Thank You very much for your reply email. This has WOWED me because you have provided me with exactly the kind of information that I was wanting to know about. This precise and concise email reply makes me realise and understand that you and all of the team at Uncommon Knowledge Hypnosis are thoroughly professional and knowledgeable when it comes to understanding everything there is to know about the therapeutic use of hypnosis. You provide true hypnotherapy to all of your most happy and satisfied customers. Also this makes me feel so absolutely confident that you will take good care of my precious subconscious mind. Please keep up the great work that you are all providing to everyone who uses your products every day. Most Warmest and Kindest Regards, Your new number one fan, Peter Carr. 😄 🕊

- Peter Carr

Beautiful! Thank you for taking the time to spell everything out for me. That's exactly what I needed!

- Melissa Brentlinger

I liked the quick response from you, made me realize just how efficient you are at your work

- Damaris

Many thanks for a quick reply which has put my mind at rest! I really thought I had lost the opportunity to complete such a vital part of training. Thank you for your good wishes, Tricia

- Patricia Baker

Many thanks Rebekah. You answered all my questions as soon as you could and sorted out my registration for the course, even though, for various reasons, I was late to take advantage of the special offer.

- Karen MacDuff

You have been extremely efficient and understanding and I do not feel anyone could have given me better customer service. I am very grateful for this . Thank you.

- Sue Walker

My last comment didn't seem to go through successfully, so trying again. Thank you for your kind and helpful response to my suggestion. I must not have looked hard enough before sending my download suggestion, because your recommendations were exactly what I was looking for. Thank you again.

- Kathleen Price

Thank you so much Kristin for resolving my problem. I really appreciate it!

- Barbara Durel

The response was quick and very courteous. I also appreciated the extra information for future awareness of the site. Thank you again.

- Donna

Kirstin is and always has been ( in my correspondence with her for the last 12 months or so ) an absolute, caring and compassionate treasure. In the way that she deals with all my queries. In my opinion she is a diamond.

- Jean Corbett

It's lovely to even get a response these days. Yours is polite, encouraging and informative. Thank you.

- Maryanne Hayes

I appreciate your prompt response - you clearly appreciate that there is a person at the other end waiting for answers to his questions. And you addressed all my concerns. Thank you very much.

- Peter Limmerick

Dear Rebekah, You are so brilliant and knowledgable !! You clearly understand that knowledge is powerful, but only truly so in its application, and this is where hypnosis can really work so effectively because it is such a practical approach. This is even further enhanced by the great hypnosis recordings available at Uncommon Knowledge Hypnosis because of your unique indirect conversational techniques which use Milton Erikson's wonderful " Artfully Vague Language/Language Patterns ". I now need to be always mindful in applying what you have taught me about hypnosis. I Thank You very kindly for this Rebekah because these wonderful lessons that you have provided me with today are absolutely invaluable to me indeed !! I am very interested in the statements that you make about emotions and thoughts. You have also taught me that in the end, our emotions will always win out against our thoughts every single time. This knowledge is also so tremendously helpful to me Rebekah because it definitively finalises in my mind the question that I have always had up until now " Which comes first ; the emotions or the thoughts ? " Once again you are SO BRILLIANT Rebekah, and you fill my heart with so much joy and elation. You are so special and unique, and I greatly appreciate everything that you have done for me, that you have also done for me with so much love, care, attention to detail, compassion and absolute professionalism Rebekah !! Most Warmest and Kindest Regards to you Rebekah, now and always, Your very good friend from Australia, Peter Carr 😄 🕊

- Peter Carr

I was exceedingly impressed by the responses I received. I honestly can not recall the last time I had a human response from a company. I was truly surprised that I did not simply receive an automated reply. My inquiry was met not only with a personal response, but one that actually addressed my specific concerns. On top of this, the support continued until they were assured I was satisfied. Unheard of in this day (sad to say)!

- Tracey Trecartin

Yes, WOW! Kirstin is always so prompt in her replies, so helpful, and courteous. It is a pleasure to communicate with her....Yes, WOW!

- Pauline

Exceptional customer service and response time! Thank you!

- Barbara Peters

Hi I was very pleased on how quick I got a reply it was just a matter of hours I got it so happy that you know there is always someone there to help you Many Thanks

- Jean Brady

Given Kirstin another WOW because she NEVER fails in her PROMPT replies and she does her utmost to be HELPFUL and CONSIDERATE in dealing with all my enquiries. ☆☆☆☆☆ Kirstin is a CONSISTENTLY brilliant customer services provider. :-)))

- Jean Lesley Corbett

Great feedback good answer, timely manner Thanks

- Ted Muszynski

Thank-you very much for the script and quick response.

- John

I am & always happy with the way you clearly answer any questions I have, & also acknowledge any comments i make

- Shirley Hughes

Thanks that's very helpful interestingly that's the question I mentioned I wasn't sure if and was swaying between the correct answer and the one I gave. Can I also ask about the growth zone,how much are credits worth and can they be used against any purchase in your main site or is there a subset of audio downloads for the growth zone. Could you save them to buy a pack thus getting a bigger overall discount? Thanks Chris

- Chris Breen

So happy to see Rebekah still there...she was so helpful to me back in mid-2015 and arranged for me to store unused growth zone credits until I was ready to use them. Well....finally it is time and I felt a little concerned there may be an issue because there has been such a long time delay. But no, Rebekah processed my request with the same ease and thoroughness in service I received last time. She is worth her weight in gold! Am so grateful!

- Mandie

Rebekah always wows me. I send an inquiry and forget it! I know it's a done deal and will be clarified in no time. You can't ask for better than that (-:

- Sharon blen

Thank you Rebekah for the quick response. You are very attentive and sensitive woman. And I am sure that you are helping so many people. Thank you. God bless us all.

- Arkady

I was very pleased with the quick response., As well as the truthfulness of your money back guarantee. When I am at a different place in my life, because of your customer service, I will definitely try you again. Rebekah sent wonderful emails and was very efficient Thank you so much

- Mitzi Jones

Perfect thank you, can now open blueprint and look forward to reading, much appreciated. Had a couple of problems opening information the last week or so and am wondering if is to do with explorer update. Nice to have a company where they are always polite and very helpful - goes such a long way especially when it comes to recommending them, sadly this seems so scarce these days and so more impressive when you find a company that does. Thanks again.

- Anna-Marie

100% Remarkable is this woman, Rebekah ! Gave me or presented me with a much better alternative.

- Robert F. Carlson

Wow indeed, Kirsten! Your customer care team really is fabulous! Thanks soooo much for your quick reply and for accommodating my refund request. I'm thrilled to have found your company online and I'm excited to try another product of yours in the near future. Enjoy your day! Judy R in Brandon, FL - US

- Judy Rosen

Thank you so much for you're quick response to my question. The website was recommended by my husband's psychiatrist so all I had to go on was the URL. Very pleased, Thank you Kelly

- Kelly

Thank you for making that so easy, I had lost my way with the Hypnotherapy and decided to get back on the courses..but thought I had left it too late as it must be a year since I last spent time on them. So thank you

- Susanne Lancaster

Excellent and quick customer service - I received a reply very quickly. I am aware that requesting a refund for a download might be quite awkward because, once downloaded I've seen it and can't strictly "give it back". Because of this I wasn't sure whether it would be appropriate to request a refund. However, Uncommon Knowledge were fabulous, recognising that the script didn't suit my purposes, and I very much appreciate the goodwill that accompanied the refund without any fuss.

- Vicky Tunaley

You solved the problem I had in the best possible way -- by merging the account that I accidentally created under my business email address into the account that I've had for years under my personal email, you've made it possible for me to see all my downloads in one place on all my devices. You also did it with incredible speed. Many thanks!

- Daniel Petrie Jr

Once again, I was so impressed with the speed and efficiency with which my request was handled - thank you!

- Cathie Hutchison

As usual, you went the extra mile to find what I needed. It is appropriated.

- J. R.


- Brent

Absolutely outstanding service as per always :) Thank you so much for your prompt and friendly service.

- Karen Hughes

Response was helpful fast and so warmly polite. And you solved the problem for me

- Julie

Very fast turn around. ( I am an Australian customer/Growth Zone member). The tone of the email made me feel valued as a customer/member.

- Cheryle Richards

Rebekah has a professional manner; but, at the same time is warm and friendly, explaining everything I need to know to answer my query. The turn around time is exceedingly prompt as I live in Australia. Thank you Rebekah.

- Cheryle Richards

When you're new at something (being a subscriber to unk and Growth Zone) it's easy to be confused by the unfamiliar, so I sent a query and request for help. The reply was prompt, courteous, reassuring, informative and unambiguous; it cleared up my confusion instantly! Best practice in practice, really; I'm impressed!

- Beverley Anne Jansen

Rebekah went above and beyond the "call of duty" when she helped me with an issue. I was able to rest assured that all would be well and IT IS!! Thank you!!!, Rebekah

- Pauline

Prompt response That solved the problem

- Thomas Rettler

Quick and friendly response, as usual!

- Steve Ortgiesen

Thank you for the link which I downloaded and now have my downloads back! Very happy! Great customer service from Uncommon Knowledge. Jane

- Jane Harvey

Great suggestions. A couple I knew about but others I didn't. "Question From Hell" looks especially useful. I'll get started on that one immediately. Also the suggestion about using the breathing techniques to help an emotionally upset student looks promising. Not to mention helpful for me as well! There are so many downloads available, it's great to be able to ask a guide for help when I run out of search ideas! Have a great holiday!


I am impressed by how quickly and completely Rebekah answered my request. She is so helpful. Thank you Rebekah .

- Nikki

Personal response? Of course I like it. More than that is the overall content of your work. Attention to detail now is a great winning strategy for future success. I’m sure exposure is the key but my preference is quality over quantity. Thx.

- Robert “Al” Bush.

Why do I always go one step further and give Rebekkah a ‘WOW’ rating? Because she always goes one step further to ensure my questions/concerns, are immediately acknowledged and solution focused. I like how Rebekkah summarizes my query in her response 1st—-then provides the solution. It saves me time not to have to reread my initial email to ensure all areas are addressed. ... that’s a huge point with me. Also if she is not clear on the issue - she will ask for clarification and I’ll find my email to her included (for my convenience), so as to read and clarify quickly for her.THAT one simple step eliminates frustration on my end(-: no having to dig around for my original conversation; it’s right there for me. So even if we have to exchange an extra email or two? Her start to finish time frame is STILL just as quickly resolved as, say, past queries that don’t require her to do any troubleshooting. I’m just as happy with the high level of support received even when I get an email letting me know Rebekkah has a day off or is on vacation - i know she will be on top of things soon and resolved. What more could I ask for ???

- Sharon

The fact that you were very gracious in your explanation of what happened and what to do about and you also tried to encourage me about my doubts about me not possibly being able to be hypnotized and helped me feel some hope again that it still could work in helping me quit smoking but that maybe I needed a new approach, for it to work for me. I really did make an effort to let this work for me, it just didn't for some reason but I feel like there is still Hope for me to be able to find a program that Will work for me. It reminds me a little of the Santa Claus at Macy's who would send customers to other stores where the parents could get what they needed if Macy's didn't have it. It shows the true intent to help someone, instead of trying to sell a product for the profit only. Thank you for your help. I'm not really sure where to go from here but I have hope again that there is help out there for me!

- Caroline Sharpe

Always a pleasure doing business with anyone at your firm . Everybody is so helpful, so professional., so giving. You go above and beyond to answer questions whether it be to assist with a technical difficulty or offer advice on a challenging patient. Thank you.

- Deborah

Such a quick response. Sent Sunday evening and a reply before work the next day. Could say more but have to dash. Have a lovely day.

- Liz Nicholson

It's wonderful that you will create a new promotional banner just because you didn't have the one I asked for. I know it will be useful for other affiliates as well, but still, very cool :)

- Barbara

Prompt response. choices and options of what I wanted.

- lindsey lee

Very helpful and quick responses. I love the banners.

- Barbara

I didn’t even have a chance to find out this error before you corrected the mistake. Thank you so much for being on top of this! So few companies are willing to do this.

- Jennifer Noteman


- Carla Bresnahan

Fast response correct response

- Naema Sinclair

Not only did you inform me of the problem in record time, you sent me by email the missing file, and it’s straight in for an edit to improve the file, super service! Well done

- Pete Lee

Quick and informative! Thanks!

- Barry W. Heckman

All information is very useful for me and my clients

- Raymond Reichenberg

You answered all of my questions so quickly and thoroughly AND included links! Doesn't get any better than this! Thank you so much!

- Lucinda

Prompt reply that was related to my content. Offer to help in between enrolment dates greatly appreciated. Thank you!

- Carolyn

Thanks so much. Speedy response and you resolved the problem

- Stephen parkinson

Rebekah has been very responsive and helpful. Thank you so much.

- Kimberly Gross

Your reply was prompt, most gracious and very helpful. Thank you.

- Bee

Thank you for the quick and helpful response about the updated download.

- Jim

Helpful and quick response ☺️

- Maire Taylor

Thank you for including the link!! I may have mentioned last year, and it is still true, I really appreciate that you directed me to another vendor to find what I was looking for (the Storytelling CD). Your support of people you have worked with and of your target customer base in order to spread the word speaks well of your people and company.

- Cheryl Lasseau

Your response is very cooperative and positive..and is exact and clearly... thank you

- Sriram kumar sahoo

Rebekah Mam...You are excellent...So supportive... you clarified my all doubts with patience.... your amiable response just created a respect for you....and I found uncommon knowledge 's program and policy one of the best service in the world..... will be extremely happy to use this service for getting rid of all negetivity and making me the best version of my self

- Sriram kumar sahoo

This was so quick! And exactly what needed to be done to resolve the issue. Thank you Rebekah!

- Jodie

Thank you for your two messages, one for acknowledging my email and one today saying she has passed it on to Mark who would be able to help. I so appreciate your extraordinary service. Wish our Banks could do the s@me!!

- Dawn Harrison-Reeve

Excellent response. It was a real pleasure dealing with Kirsten.

- Mary Ahmed

Absolutely! All of you there! :-)

- Silvia

exceptional 😁

- jan frame

Super fast, polite and helpful response. Couldn't be better.

- Avraham

Thank you for your quick response and help!

- Mary

Thank you for your speedy response and quick fix. Very impressed with the level of service and priority with my issues. My issue was acknowledged quickly and I as assured they problem was being looked in to, I received another response not too long after with a solution and everything back working properly. Thank you so much.

- Jenn

WOW inded

- Brian

Thanks a lot for the advice!

- Marjolein

You are all very considerate helpful and understanding.

- George Crowe

Fast reply, informative, and helpful. Handy links were included in the email for easy access to the information I requested. I have found all correspondence with Uncommon Knowledge to be painless and informative. Thanks!!

- Delanie scott

Excellent customer service from Rebekah as always.

- Pete Tapner

Always :-) !

- Silvia

Rebekah was very helpful as usual, I've had three questions so far and she has resolved them all. Thank you

- Dave Marriott

You were quick and accommodating with your response, regarding my request. Thank you!

- Rev Jennifer McSween

really appreciate your prompt reply and all the excellent information you have provided.

- margie o'sullivan

I really appreciate the quick response even during the holiday season and for making it so easy to resolve my problem.Thank you

- Joy

I was very impressed by your quick respone to my message for help, especially as it was made during the holiday season. I appreciate it.

- Janet Levy

You are setting the gold standard in customer service.I am throughly spoil now. I am judging other providers too by your standards and find them badly wanting.

- Ramesh Kumar

Speed of response was excellent

- Joan Jones